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8 Church Online Giving Capabilities That Still Matter in 2022

Your church’s donations platform should never stand in the way of someone giving cheerfully—and it shouldn’t make tasks harder for your staff either. Here are eight features that make or break it.

3 P’s of Online Giving for Churches at Year-End

Digital giving continues to rise among all nonprofits--including churches. The Digital Giving Index, produced by Network for Good, analyzes giving trends each year. In the most recent 2015 report, they noted the following interesting statistics: Overall giving rose 3% from last year 31% of annual giving occurred in the month of December 12% of annual giving occurs on the last three days of the year With that said, churches are heading into the most critical time of year to focus on giving and to encourage the use of online giving for churches and their members.

3 Main Criteria for Church Online Giving Software

You want to get online giving software for your church. You know that fewer and fewer churchgoers are carrying cash or checks these days, and it’s time to consider some more hi-tech options than passing the plate. (For more on this, see tactics #5 and #15 in our list of practical ways to increase church giving.) You may feel like you’ve made a huge decision. (You have, and it’s a smart one!) But now you face an even bigger one. How do you choose an online giving software for your church? It’s a fair question to ask, and you’re not the only one asking it. Every month, there are more than 6,200 Google searches for church online donation platforms. And what do people find when they make that search? More than a dozen options! How do you choose a church giving software—and how do you know you’re making the right choice?