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Mobile Church Management Strategies for Any Church


Ministry isn’t your typical 9 to 5 desk job. Pastors, staff, and even volunteers are often on the go. But when churches use a church management software system (ChMS) to manage their processes and information, they can’t always lug around a computer to access their database. That’s where mobile comes in.

Even without a desktop, church staff can stay up-to-date and organized when they’re out of the office:

Here are four mobile church management strategies to benefit your church:

Strategy #1

When staff members—or anyone in the church community, based on set permissions—need to quickly find a phone number, address, or other detail about another member, they can find that information within the church’s mobile app. Rather than a printed book, a mobile directory provides access to personal data when and where it’s needed.

Strategy #2

As pastors meet with members of the church community for impromptu counseling and planned meetings, they can take notes and schedule follow-ups within their mobile app. Information is all added to the database in a central location where anyone on staff granted permissions can access it.

Strategy #3

Volunteers can not only check members into classes on a mobile device, but they can also add first-time guests to the church database while in administrative mode. All of this information will automatically update to simplify the follow-up process so those visitors don’t fall through the cracks.

Strategy #4

When churches allow people to give and register for events through an integrated mobile app, the church community is practically doing some of the management work for them. Staff members don’t need to manually record contributions in the database—that information is automatically updated.

When churches have a mobile app that is completely integrated with their church management software, staff and volunteers can still follow their ministry processes even when they only have a smartphone at their disposal.

How is your church utilizing mobile to simplify church management?

Emily Kantner
Emily Kantner
Emily is a Christ-follower, sports fanatic, classic literature junkie, and huntress. She works as the Content Marketing & Communications Specialist Elexio Church Software.


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