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How to be Missional With Your Church Live Stream


As a church, you are constantly looking for ways to make an impact in your community. How do you reach people with the good news of the Gospel? Are there ways that are more strategic than others? What are the ‘out of the box’ ideas that can make us unique? We’ve heard your plea for new ideas and we’ve come up with one stellar way to help your church “go and make disciples of all nations.” What is this brilliant idea? Creating a missional church live stream.

Cultivating a missional mindset when it comes to your church live stream can be a strategic way for you to reach people who need the Gospel. However, before we jump in with the “why” let’s take a look at the facts.

Facts and Statistics

There over 3.19 billion people who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. According to the Joshua Project, a majority of these individuals live in Asia and Africa.

In the United States, 23 percent of the population say they don’t believe in anything at all.

Needless to say, there are a lot of people in the United States and around the world who need Jesus and who use the internet.

Just reading these statistics can be overwhelming, so it’s hard to imagine how to do something to help impact those numbers. As one person you can only go so far, but by being savvy with technology in your church, you can take the Gospel to more nations strategically.

How do you do this? By being missional with your church live stream. Some churches live stream their sermons so people who are unable to attend church that weekend can stay current with the message. Other people use a live stream as a way to keep out-of-town family members connected. While those are great opportunities to keep people in the loop, expanding the use of your live stream can make a huge impact worldwide.

Practical Partnerships

Let’s imagine what it looks like to implement a missional church live stream and partner with a missionary in Asia who needs tools to spread the Gospel.

Every week after you live stream your sermon, you send an Asian missionary the link to your church’s sermon along with a digital copy of any notes your church members received. That missionary can then use their time to gather people and share that message rather than use their time preparing a sermon on their own. Imagine how many more people that missionary can meet because they had more time to be intentional with those around them!

You can do the same thing by live streaming Bible studies, events, and other key church messages. So rather than just having a church live stream that targets your church members and guests in your area, you’ve now cultivated a global mindset to have a missional church live stream.

Remember those previous stats about Christianity in Asia? Now you’re able to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those living thousands of miles away, while also making an impact in your local community.

How to Make a Church Live Stream Happen

The first step in moving toward creating a missional church live stream is gathering your leadership team and/or your current live stream or media team and praying over this question, “How can we take our live stream to the nations?” You may already know missionaries in need or perhaps God is getting ready to send missionaries out from your own congregation. Use this time to brainstorm even more ways to be missional with your live stream.

Remember, the most important piece to having a missional church live stream is not to limit God to your traditional ways of thinking. Be willing to think outside the box and do something that’s never been done before.

Once you and your team are on the same page, take one step at a time to make your missional church live stream happen. Reach out to a missionary. Share your live stream on multiple Facebook pages. Encourage your congregation to send the live stream link to friends and family members outside of your area. Each step you take leads you closer to establishing your missional church live stream.

Next Steps for Your Church Live Stream

If your church isn’t live streaming yet, check out ChurchStreaming. ChurchStreaming can help you get your church ready to take the Gospel to the nations. They can also answer all your live streaming questions. If you want to learn more, start by checking out ChurchStreaming’s video on how live streaming works.

Missional church live streaming doesn’t have to be complicated. By having open hands, God can use you and your church to do even greater things for Him and His kingdom.

Sean Dunster
Sean Dunsterhttps://churchstreaming.tv/
Sean is the Webcast Operations Manager for ChurchStreaming, overseeing the sales and support interaction and satisfaction of all clients. He has an extensive background in television broadcast production and news journalism. Church technology is near and dear to him because he's been where many of you are, a volunteer in his local church, using his gifts to further God's Kingdom.


    • Hi Shelly! Short answer is that we take care of that distribution avenue for you. We work with you to develop your own OTT channel, then you choose where you want the content to go. We’ll take care of it from there. We’d be happy to give you a demonstration of the platform and go more in-depth on these topics. You can contact us by visiting the ChurchStreaming site and filling out a contact form.


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