2 Things I Wish I’d Done Differently When Starting an Online Church

I began as a full-time online pastor eleven years ago, and I wish I'd known then what I know now. In this article I'll share a couple of things that I wish I'd done differently when I was preparing to start an online church. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

How to be Missional With Your Church Live Stream

As a church, you are constantly looking for ways to make an impact in your community. How do you reach people with the good news of the Gospel? Are there ways that are more strategic than others? What are the ‘out of the box’ ideas that can make us unique? We’ve heard your plea for new ideas and we’ve come up with one stellar way to help your church “go and make disciples of all nations.” What is this brilliant idea? Creating a missional church live stream.

Beat the Church Live Streaming Software Blues

We hear from lots of people who’ve chosen a software encoder for their church live streaming solution.  They tell us it's complicated and unreliable. Unanticipated problems can quickly change your joyful noise into frustration with a stream that’s dropping frames and frozen software. In the end, a dedicated hardware encoder can solve many of the problems encountered with software encoders and simplify church live streaming for volunteers. Here's how to avoid the software encoder blues.

SlingStudio Multi-Camera Live Streaming Platform [Review]

One of the most common live-streaming questions people have when they're first getting started is "what do I need?" Often the chorus of "just use your phone" drowns out the advice from people who know the limitations of that advice. In most circumstances, a single phone in the back of the sanctuary isn't going to do as good a job as a camcorder connected to an encoder. Normally, the steps from a single phone to a multi-camera live-stream, with graphics, are like a maze. You can go a long way down a single path only to find that you've hit a dead-end and have to turn around and start over again. Not so with the SlingStudio Multi-Camera Live Streaming Platform from the folks at Dish Network. Its major strength is that it eliminates the dead ends.

Recording Separate Audio for Church Production

It is often said that half of great video is great audio. It is certainly true that bad audio can kill good video. But it's not always easy to get great audio into your camera every single time. While it can be tricky, the dividends will pay off when the audio is high quality and is synced perfectly to the video. Whether you're producing a delayed livestream, captured video church service for YouTube, or some other video church production, spending time on the quality of the audio is important.

10 Church Live Streaming Providers to Consider

Over the past couple years, ChurchTechToday has covered the topic of live streaming church services a number of times and from different angle. It seems that churches all over the world are interested in find out more about the relatively new practice of streaming one's services live via video over the internet. There are many reasons churches intend to reach people via live streaming: for the elderly who cannot physically attend services to missionaries out of the country, for people with Sunday work schedules, and for people interested in pursuing God but are afraid to step foot in a church.