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Ryan is the founder of RAD Ideas and Graphics.Church. He works with churches and denominations to grow their ministry through graphic design and marketing strategy. Follow Ryan at RAD-Ideas.com.

Why Your Church Needs a Communication Audit

Communicating clearly about church events, news, and opportunities can make or break your church. Do it well and you will see people engaged and their lives changing. Do it poorly, and you may have frustrated leaders, uninformed church members, and stagnant growth.

10 Things you Can't Expect from Church Volunteers

Without rocking your world too much I'd like to state the obvious... Volunteers are the lifeblood of your church. While we all would acknowledge that fact. It's easy to forget about in the day to day of ministry. They dutifully arrive every week, with a smile on their face (real or painted on) and serve. Because it's the right thing to do.

5 Things to Keep You From Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Some days, scrolling through your Facebook feed can feel more like a 'choose your own adventure book' than a chance to catch up with friends. Think about the last time you stumbled on a weird 'Sponsored Post,' and asked, "Why am I seeing this?" Quickly you realize the amount of money wasted on Facebook ads is amazing.

5 Ways to Fast from Technology During Lent

With Lent less than two weeks away, I often find myself approaching the practice of Lent a little differently each year. For those, like myself, who did not grow up following the liturgical calendar, Lent may be a foreign thing. In short, Lent is the season of the Christian Year where we focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting to grow closer to God.

3 Reasons Your Church Needs a Communication Person

Good church communication doesn't just happen. Whether it is the preacher's sermon or church announcements, time and thought needs to be put into what is being communicated to the listeners. Your church needs someone who can put focused attention into these communications. Someone has GOT to oversee your communications. Someone needs to be the gatekeeper for you.

Organize Your Church Communication for the New Year

As I talk to church leaders, I'm amazed by the consistency of challenges the face. One of the biggest questions they ask comes down to their church communications... How do we get people to respond to communications and attend events?

Facebook Ads for Your Church Event Outreach

As we head into the busiest season for churches, now is the time to wrap your head around Facebook as your new best friend for church event outreach. It's one of the best (and least expensive) ways to share your event, be it a Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, Harvest Party, or holiday event, getting your church message seen on Facebook is becoming more challenging every day.

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