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Faithlife Announces End of Faithlife Equip ChMS Software in 2023


Vik Rajagopal, CEO of Faithlife, announced that the company is making significant changes in its direction, including exiting multiple segments of the church software (ChMS) market.

Faithlife headquarters

Here is a summary / excerpts of the announcement published on the company website.

The vision of Faithlife is to increase biblical literacy and accessibility for every Christian around the world. 30 years ago, the company's founder, Bob Pritchett, launched a Bible study software company called Logos in 1992.

Bob Pritchett, founder of Faithlife and creator of Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is aimed at equipping the church and help its users go deeper in their study and understanding of the Bible.

Honoring Faithlife's Mission and Vision

  • Good stewardship requires Faithlife to continually challenge and defend the company's decisions, priorities, and direction to make sure they're aligned with our mission and vision, and are in the best interests of customers.
  • The company spent the past year evaluating where Faithlife has been and where they are going.
  • Rajagopal cited customer needs and the objective of delivering with excellence around the core mission.
  • The current decisions were driven by defining which areas increase biblical literacy and accessibility around the world.

Product-mission alignment

  • After eight years of development, Faithlife Equip, an integrated ministry platform, is still missing key features users need.
  • Further development of Faithlife Equip planned would be peripheral to the company's vision.

Faithlife Equip will be shut down in June 2023.

  • Faithlife has made the decision to exit the church management space and sunset parts of Faithlife Equip, effective June 30, 2023.

Faithlife will focus on the continued development of Logos Software

  • Logos Bible Software is Faithlife’s premier product. It provides powerful research tools to help students, pastors and lifelong learners delve into the intricacies and mysteries of God’s Word. With an extensive library, numerous Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and much more, Logos users have access to all the materials of a seminary library in one, easy-to-use digital location.
  • Since the first version was created in 1991, millions of users have downloaded Logos, which has continually been updated to adapt to the latest technological advances.
  • The current version available for download is Logos 9

Vik Rajagopal, CEO of Faithlife

Future expectations for Faithlife products

  • Rajagopal signaled ongoing innovation and the delivery of new tools and services that bring unique value to their customers.
  • Faithlife will continue to offer Logos, Proclaim, Sermons, TV, and Pro Media.
  • The company has plans to integrate their products further with various Bible study tools in the future.

The original announcement can be found here.

10/10/22 UPDATE: Faithlife announced LOGOS 10 bible software release.

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