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Logos 10 Focuses on Integration and Performance [REVIEW]


Logos Bible Software, the premiere Bible software on the planet, has dropped version 10 on October 10, 2022. It has been two years since FaithLife, the maker of Logos, released version 9. While some users, like myself, always like to stay up to date on app versions, many Logos users take time to decide whether it is worth it to update, especially given that the update is a paid-for update. This article will summarize some of the worthwhile updates to help readers decide for themselves. As a Logos affiliate, I have had access to Logos version 10 for a number of weeks, and as a biblical scholar, Logos is one of my primary tools (in addition to the fact that I have online Logos training). and I would summarize some of the best updates of Logos version 10 with two words: INTEGRATION and PERFORMANCE.

Performance and Speed Increase

People who rely heavily on particular computer apps often shun updates (particularly paid updates) because developers often make some significant changes to the user interface and user experience. No one wants to have to re-learn how to do something in an app that they already know how to use. But in my opinion, Logos has had an excellent interface for the last few versions, with only a few tweaks each time around. Version 10 is no different. There are some small rearrangements in the menu and some new icons, but overall Logos version 10 looks and feels just like the Logos you already know. In version 10, you are paying for some excellent under-the-hood updates. The performance of Logos 10, particularly in searching, boasts a significant improvement across all platforms. I have been a Logos user for many years, and the slower search performance of Logos has always been an issue that has been flagged by users. Not only has Logos often been a resource hog (taking up a lot of CPU), but its searches have been noticeably slower than its competitor, Accordance. Logos 10 makes huge gains in its performance, and for regular users, this is a most welcome update indeed.


A number of the updates that come in Logos 10 fall under what I would call integration. I will briefly mention a number of them and focus on my personal favorite of these integrative updates.

1. Further Factbook Integrations

The Logos Factbook is a one-stop shop to search for almost any concept or item in Logos – it then gathers everything from your library and presents it in an organized way. Factbook is now further integrated throughout Logos, making it easy to launch the Factbook from within the Bible and other books.

2. Church History Integrations

New and increased levels of information related to church history are now part of the Factbook.

3. Integrating Your Previous Sermons

The Logos Sermon Builder is a fantastic tool for sermon preparation, but up until now, all sermons needed to be written in Logos. Version 10 allows you to easily import your previous sermons so that they are part of your sermon collection in Logos.

4. Integrating other Modern Languages

While this does not personally affect me, I love and celebrate the many diverse languages of the body of Christ. Logos 10 taps into the power of auto-translation to aid other language speakers so that translation can happen quickly within Logos itself.

5. Integrating Your Physical Library into your Logos Research

This is, far and away, my favorite new feature to ship with Logos 10. I have a huge Logos library, but that sits next to a huge physical library, and not an insignificant number of Kindle and audiobooks. Logos 10 allows you to catalog your print books into your Logos library. Cataloging your print library into your Logos digital library allows you to do something magical—do full-text searches of your physical books! This integration is a wonderful gift to users. Use the search window in Logos, utilizing the all-inclusive “All” search tab, or the new “Books” search tab, and search for words or specific quotes. The search results will include your Logos books as well as search results from your physical books. How great is that!!

If you are planning on upgrading to Logos 10, there is no time like the present, as Logos gives its steepest discounts in the weeks immediately after the release of new versions. Happily, you can access 15% off for new users, and 30% off for upgraders—PLUS you can also get 5 free books (and good ones too!!) if you choose to upgrade using this link.

Danny Zacharias
Danny Zacharias
Dr. H. Daniel Zacharias is Associate Dean and Professor of New Testament Studies at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, NS.


  1. One additional enhancement to Logos search would be very helpful for the integration of “non-Logos” resources
    – Have a “location” field with a URL field for each non-Logos resource (Kindle, CCEL, etc.)
    – This would provide the ability to add non-Logos e-books along with the ability to launch a web version of that resource

    The benefit to Logos is to make Logos search (and its integration with other Logos functionality) a “one-stop shop”
    Logos also can include a link to purchase the Logos version which provides increased benefits over the print versions
    (Church libraries may benefit by large donations of print versions as more members migrate from physical to digital)

  2. Hey Dr. Zacharias,

    Are you planning on updating your Logos training course for Logos 10? I purchased the course through Udemy and would love to get some training from you (the man!) on this feature upgrade. I hope all is well.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Ron Kreager


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