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A Crash Course in Church App Push Notifications


How many languages do you speak? Just one? Two maybe? Statistically speaking, only about ¼ of Americans can hold a decent conversation in a second language.

In building apps for churches, I’ve seen hundreds of churches adopt new and emerging technology, which is not an easy thing to do. It’s a big leap for most churches too; moving their primary source of digital interaction to an app. But there’s a powerful language connected to an app most churches don’t speak, or understand. That is the language of Push notifications.

Without even knowing it, millennials have adopted a technological language that has changed the way they think. Literally, researchers have proven the effects of texting, push notifications, and instant messaging on our neuro pathways. It’s about time the church speak the primary language two of the largest generations in history.

Here’s your crash course…

Push Notifications Gateway

Push notifications are quite simply the most powerful tool available to get someone’s attention. Push notifications have an 88% response rate. In contrast, text messages have a 57% response rate, and emails are left in the dust with 22%. Need I go on?

A push notification is a simple message sent to the lock screen of someone’s phone, so it’s guaranteed to be seen and read. The notification can be linked to a piece of your app or a specific piece of content like a video, article or podcast. Often push notifications can be as simple and unintrusive as an encouraging word. This keeps your users engaged and keeps your message at the forefront of their mind.


GeoFencing is the 21st century’s most innovative way to communicate to your audience. It’s simple, but incredibly effective. Just define a radius around a pin on a map. Then set a notification for that radius. When someone walks into the radius you set, they receive the notification you composed.

Little too nerdy? Okay, think of it like this: you’re walking into your church and you instantly receive a message that says “Welcome home! Open me to see what’s happening today,” or you’re walking into the community square and you get a notification saying “Hey, stop by Tony’s Pizza on the square for fellowship and fun!”

In both examples, you are prompted to take action in a single sentence.

GeoTithe (Only available at Apollo Apps)

So your congregation is getting settled after worship and the assistant pastor is about to get up and give an offering message. The minute he hits the stage half the congregation pulls their phones out. Why? Because they know tithe and offering is next and they don’t have cash or checks, only plastic. Not that they don’t want to give, but because they think toccoa“oh, I’ll just give online later.” like the other 76% of your church that’s already giving online.

Solution: Set a GeoFence around your church, and send a notification during tithe and offering to relieve the cashless and checkless congregants from feeling left out. “Swipe here to give online instantly.” #Done, you’ve now captured 41% more tithers by giving them an easy way to tithe and they don’t have to remember to do it on their computer when they get home.

There are a lot more features available on a church app that help with this digital communication gap. Such as live streaming, integrated Bible, forms, user accounts and so on. But push notifications takes the cake on this one. To see all the available church app features, visit

Jonathan Bodnar
Jonathan Bodnar
Jonathan Bodnar is the founder of Church Base, an integrated church management company. Which he built to help churches simplify church engagement. Prior to starting Church Base, Jonathan was a youth pastor at a megachurch and a consultant for multiple global organizations like Unashamed Impact, Probe Ministries, and Point of View. He now applies his knowledge and experience to help churches around the world grow. 


  1. I can’t stress enough how important custom church apps are, and mainly because of push notifications. They are powerful and in my opinion the best way to reach your audience.


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