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8 Most Affordable Church App Providers

Have you thought about using a dedicated church app to share sermon audio, video, and notes, to accept event sign-ups and offer a way for people to give digitally right from their pockets? Church leaders shouldn't overpay for a church app. For that reason, we're ranking this list of church app providers by affordability.

How Apple's Recent Changes Will Affect Church Apps

While Apple doesn't exactly rule the world, it is king in the business of mobile apps, or so many mobile app developers will tell you. Church apps have been at the forefront of church technology for the past few years. Many churches are wondering if they should have an app, and if so, what should it do and how should it integrate with the other technology they're using as an organization. Those who develop mobile technology for the church and faith-based markets are working hard to stay on top of things in order to provide the best solutions.

A Crash Course in Church App Push Notifications

How many languages do you speak? Just one? Two maybe? Statistically speaking, only about ¼ of Americans can hold a decent conversation in a second language. In building apps for churches, I've seen hundreds of churches adopt new and emerging technology, which is not an easy thing to do. It’s a big leap for most churches too; moving their primary source of digital interaction to an app. But there’s a powerful language connected to an app most churches don’t speak, or understand. That is the language of Push notifications.