Jonathan Bodnar

Jonathan Bodnar is the founder of Church Base, an integrated church management company. Which he built to help churches simplify church engagement. Prior to starting Church Base, Jonathan was a youth pastor at a megachurch and a consultant for multiple global organizations like Unashamed Impact, Probe Ministries, and Point of View. He now applies his knowledge and experience to help churches around the world grow. 

3 Ways to Fuel Growth Through a Church App

It is no secret that embracing technology is something that many churches still struggle with. Forty-six percent of churches believe services are becoming too focused on technology, even though 'going digital' is vital to church growth and reaching more people with the Gospel in this modern age.

A Crash Course in Church App Push Notifications

How many languages do you speak? Just one? Two maybe? Statistically speaking, only about ¼ of Americans can hold a decent conversation in a second language. In building apps for churches, I've seen hundreds of churches adopt new and emerging technology, which is not an easy thing to do. It’s a big leap for most churches too; moving their primary source of digital interaction to an app. But there’s a powerful language connected to an app most churches don’t speak, or understand. That is the language of Push notifications.

5 Key Growth Strategies Using a Church App

According to SmartInsights, 85% of people prefer mobile apps to websites. That’s 85% of your congregation that would much rather engage with you and your collective vision through an app. But first, you’ll need a feature rich church app. Church apps are known to grow your weekly giving, engagement and unity, but what are the best ways to accomplish that growth? I’ve compiled the top 5 Growth Strategies we give our church clients after their app is finished as a way of helping you determine what exactly is needed in a quality church app:

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