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Church Online Podcast: Jeff Reed on the VR and Metaverse Church


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Church Online Podcast // Kenny Jahng + Jeff Reed

The VR and Metaverse Church: Why Pastors Should Care

Over the past few years, there's been a lot of talk about the potential of virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse. But what are they? And why should pastors care? Jeff Reed is one of the people who are exploring what the VR and metaverse church is and why it could be a powerful tool for ministry.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that is being created by combining all existing virtual worlds and reality. In it's ultimate aspirational state, it would be a single, unified place where people could interact with each other and with artificial intelligence. While the concept of the metaverse has been around for a long time, it's only recently that technological advancements have made it a realistic possibility.

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Why Should Pastors Care?

The VR and metaverse church models offers a unique opportunity for ministry. For example, imagine being able to preach to a virtual congregation of people from all over the world. Or leading a Bible study where people can see biblical places and events unfold before their eyes. The possibilities are endless. On a very practical level, it is where thousands and thousands of people are spending significant time and forming relationships, communities, and new ways of interacting and engaging with each other. If Jesus and the church is all about relationships, VR and the metaverse is something that the church should strongly consider on how to approach it in the coming years ahead.

The VR and metaverse church would also provide an opportunity to reach people who might not ordinarily step foot in a physical church. For example, introverts or those with social anxiety might feel more comfortable attending church in a virtual setting. And people who are physically unable to leave their homes (due to illness, disability, etc.) would also be able to participate in church activities. The VR and metaverse church also allows for 24/7 ministry and across international boundaries in a seamless manner.

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VR & the Metaverse Church

According to Jeff, “A new mission field lies before us, and with it the beginning of a cultural shift that will revolutionize the world. Is the church ready? The Metaverse will impact economics, education, and community as we know it. But while billions if not trillions are being spent to create these virtual communities globally, the church is questioning whether or not these communities, these avatars, these relationships are worthy and real. Let’s celebrate the Pioneers that are championing ministry in this growing mission field and explore the unique opportunities of church in virtual reality.”

Order Jeff's book: VR & the Metaverse Church

Church Online Podcast Interview

Today, Kenny Jahng sits down with Jeff Reed of TheChurch.Digital network. Jeff just published a book, The VR and metaverse church presents a unique opportunity for pastors to reach people from all over the world with the Gospel message. It would also provide an opportunity to minister to those who might not ordinarily step foot in a physical church. If you're looking for an innovative way to reach people for Christ, the VR and metaverse church may be worth exploring. Listen in to today's episode of the Church Online Podcast.

Jeff Reed, a leading figure in the digital church space, joins Kenny Jahng on the Church Online Podcast to talk about his background in digital ministry, his new book, and his thoughts on the VR and metaverse church. He also shares about his online community, the Digital Church Network, which connects individuals from around the world who are involved in digital ministry.


  • 🎙️ Jeff Reed discusses his background in digital ministry, including his early efforts to be hired as a digital pastor in 1999.
  • 🚀 Jeff Reed shares about his current work with the church dot digital, which focuses on helping churches with digital discipleship, evangelism, multiplication, and scalability.
  • 📚 Jeff Reed’s new book, “The Metaverse Church,” explores the possibilities and challenges of the church in the virtual reality and metaverse environments.
  • 🌍 Jeff Reed’s online community, the Digital Church Network, has connected hundreds of individuals from various parts of the world involved in digital ministry and metaverse church planting.
  • 🤖 Jeff Reed discusses the potential of technology, such as chatbots and virtual reality, to enhance digital discipleship and church community building.
  • 🧑‍💻 Jeff Reed shares his insights on the technological and ethical considerations that churches need to take into account in the metaverse church space.
  • 🙏 Jeff Reed emphasizes that, regardless of the mode of delivery, digital or physical, the ultimate goal of the church is to make disciples and impact the world for Christ.
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