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Church Growth Summit November 17-18, 2022 [Online Conference]


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Is your church growth strategy ready for 2023? 

No worries if you haven’t nailed down your church’s plans yet for the next year just yet — it’s not too late.

But now is the time to determine exactly how your church will live out its mission in 2023, and we have a free resource to highlight today that will help you make it a reality. 

Accelerate Your Church’s Growth

First, think about your church’s current position.

  • Are you a little fuzzy on the specific plan for growth?
  • Do you know what the most effective church growth strategy that’s working right now is?
  • Are you losing people because you can’t keep your community engaged? 
  • Are you exhausted by all the things you’re doing working IN your church, vs being able to work ON your church growth vision and plan?

In general, are you unclear about church growth and what to do next?  

We have a solution for you, and it’s coming very soon. Attend the Church Growth Summit, broadcast for FREE on Thursday and Friday, November 17 & 18.   

Accelerate your church’s growth when you attend this free digital conference and secure your ministry strategy for 2023.
Man attends Church Growth Summit

Church Growth Summit 2022

During the summit, you’ll join seasoned pastors, leaders, and authors as they share the ONE PROVEN THING they’ve done to accelerate church growth. 

You’ll get expert insight from more than 25 leaders like Carey Nieuwhof, Warren Bird, Bishop Walter Thomas, Brad Rhoads, Jenni Catron, Tony Morgan, Adrianne Watson, and Rich Birch, providing concrete strategies for growth through strategies, best practices, skill building, and mission. 

During the two-day summit, you’ll hear of current and effective strategies to help you:

  • Create a game plan for growth
  • Learn best practices
  • Connect with other growth-minded church leaders
  • Reach more people for Jesus
  • Transform your local community through the increased reach of your church

Best of all, you’ll get fresh ideas for growth, encouragement along the way, and specific models you can implement for growth in 2023.

No more wondering about next year’s strategy. At this important summit, gain the insight you need.


The conference is completely free to attend on November 17-18. 

But if you want to get access to all of the valuable insights and effective strategies on-demand beyond the two-day event, as well as gain access to thousands of dollars of bonus resources, get Early Bird pricing for the All-Access Replay Pass while the offer is still available. 

Here’s a brief snapshot of just a few of the items you’ll redeem with the All-Access Replay Pass:

  • On-demand access to every church growth summit video for 1 year
  • Private Church Growth Summit Podcast
  • (1) One Free Multi-Site Timeline Planning Session with Portable Church Industries expert 
  • Mp3 audio files of all sessions
  • Invitation to exclusive private offer for the 2023 Church Growth Accelerator Program
  • and more!

Register today for the summit and eliminate your confusion about how you should approach church growth this coming year.  Get your strategy for 2023.

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQs and get a full speaker list on the website. 

Do you plan on attending? Let us know!

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  2. @David, we don’t see any registrations under your name or email address. You should have received a receipt, a welcome email and some other messages already. If you haven’t received any correspondence and we don’t see your record, it seems most likely that you didn’t completely checkout?

    You can sign-up at http://www.ChurchGrowthSummit.com

  3. I signed up for the Church Growth Strategy seminar. I even purchased the all-access pass. The seminar starts today, and I have no way to get into it. No link was sent; the original link does not work. Waht’s the deal?


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