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4 Tips to Improve How Your Christian School Runs


There may be no nip of Fall in the air yet, but thoughts are already on getting your Christian private school ready for a new term. This can take weeks of preparation to make sure that your administrative staff, teachers, parents and of course students are all prepared to make it a successful one.

Make the transition from beach days to book days easier on everyone by updating your school’s daily tasks to more modern ones. Here are four tips to help you utilize technology to better run your private Christian school:

Tip #1 Update Your Christian School’s Website

We are living in a digital world, where everyone is accessing information right from their smart phones. Keep that in mind when structuring your website so that it is easily read from smaller devices. Once you ensure that it is, post information about the time and date of the first day back to school, the materials students should bring, and any changes in dress code policies. Allow teachers to have their own pages which they can use to post specific class information.

Tip #2 Update Your Christian School’s Communication System

Your private school can run much more efficiently by utilizing modern communication methods. Consider a school notification system to send messages to your teachers, other staff members and parents. Teachers could also benefit by being able to send automated phone calls and text messages to parents all at once rather than relying on students to bring notes home.

Tip #3 Update Your Filing Systems

There are numerous computer programs available that can make keeping track of text books, school supplies and even the students easier. These will help you know what supplies you need to order before the school year starts, and what you have an overabundance of already. In the weeks before school starts, individual teachers should be in charge of checking their own supplies and making lists of what they will need for the upcoming school year. Show them how to enter that information into your school’s computerized tracking system.  Also encourage your teachers to use cloud based programs to track student’s grades and progress. This  makes it easier to share information with the parents.

Tip #4 Update Your Building Systems

The first snowstorm is not the time to start checking to see if your heating system is running properly. In the weeks before Christian school starts, have your janitorial staff go through all of the systems in the building to check that they are working right. This should include electricity, water, plumbing, and your heating and cooling systems.

Modern technologies are available that can make your private school  a lot easier to run, not just on your end but for your staff, teachers, parents, and students. This allows for you to focus more attention on providing a valuable Christian education and less time shuffling paperwork and making phone calls.

Tim Smith
Tim Smithhttp://www.dialmycalls.com/churches/event-reminders.html
Tim Smith was born and raised in South Florida which explains why he loves the beach and is an avid fisherman. Tim finds joy in writing and is currently the Social Media Guru and Support Manager for DialMyCalls.


  1. I would agree that teaching your children correct principles in school is a good idea. I like your advice about looking into Christian schools, to help your child gain a quality and religious education. That is smart to update your school website to inform others of your accommodations. Thank you for sharing!


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