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5 Tools to Keep Your Church Connected This Holiday Season

Although secular media generally glosses over the spiritual component of Christmas, this holiday is one of the most important religious celebrations for Christians of nearly all denominations. This means that during the holiday season, churches have a lot of activity going on. Winter festivals, Christmas church services, holiday potlucks, and other occasions can bring in a lot of people. During this sacred time of year, it’s important to keep your church connected.

3 Modern Methods to Accept and Share Prayer Requests

Personal requests for special prayers are not uncommon for churches, but with larger congregations, it can be difficult to reach out and make sure that all members prayer requests are heard. To save you time in tracking down church goers who may be looking for a private prayer, and to make it easier for them to do so, you can employ some modern technology that will help ensure that everyone’s prayers are being met.

4 Tips to Keep Teens Engaged in Church

As your younger parishioners begin to approach puberty, you may notice that their interest in Sunday school, mass and even church activities begins to waver. This is a normal rite of passage, as they begin on those final steps towards adulthood, and discovering who they want to be when they get there.

4 Tips to Improve How Your Christian School Runs

There may be no nip of Fall in the air yet, but thoughts are already on getting your Christian private school ready for a new term. This can take weeks of preparation to make sure that your administrative staff, teachers, parents and of course students are all prepared to make it a successful one.

Engage Your Members with Unique Church Fundraising Events

Successful church fundraising should meet two important goals. The first of course is to raise the money you need for whatever project you are supporting. The second is to facilitate community involvement. A church should not just be looking at a fundraising need as a way to make money, they should be looking at it as a way to bring people together.

6 Steps to Follow if You are Hosting VBS This Summer

Vacation Bible School is a fantastic way to bring the message of your church to its younger members, while having fun doing it. This is a big responsibility. You are not only responsible for their spiritual growth, you are now in charge of their physical well being.

Follow these tips to ensure that you are able to excel at both:

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