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Engage Your Members with Unique Church Fundraising Events


Successful church fundraising should meet two important goals. The first of course is to raise the money you need for whatever project you are supporting. The second is to facilitate community involvement. A church should not just be looking at a fundraising need as a way to make money, they should be looking at it as a way to bring people together. Involving the community will build upon the strength of your church and on its position as a leader in the community.

Competition Fundraisers

No one can resist a good competition, and if you set up one as a fundraiser, you’re guaranteed a good turnout. Besides your typical sporting events, pitch well-known figures against one another for a Bible knowledge challenge. Or you can get a few groups of adults together for a spelling bee. Make it like a tournament, or even set up a faux Jeopardy-style stage to give your competition some authenticity. The money comes from charging a small admission fee, and you could serve up some desserts and coffee to those who come out and watch the show.

The Mystery Dinner

Almost all churches do some type of pot-luck dinner, but why not take it a bit further. Everyone loves a good mystery, so create a menu but modify the names of the choices. For example, top soil layered into paper and covered in cotton could be lasagna, while a ball of snow would be mashed potatoes. Add things like forks, knives, bread and napkins in an equally creative fashion, and then let the guests only choose a certain number of items. Then watch as sides of fries are exchanged for a fork so that the meal can be eaten. Charge admission to the dinner, and ask your local restaurants about a discount on the price in exchange for free advertising in your bulletin, and you can further increase your donations.

Complete the Puzzle

If you are working towards raising money for something specific, such as a new musical instrument for your church, enlarge a picture of one and mount it onto sturdy cardboard. Now cut the cardboard into pieces, and write dollar amounts onto the back of each. As each piece is “bought” by one of your members it is added to the puzzle until the entire picture is complete and the funds you need are completely raised.

Church fundraising events should be fun if you want the best results. The more engaging they are, the bigger your turnout will be. Increase your turnout by letting the congregation know about the event through a church notification system.

Tim Smith
Tim Smithhttp://www.dialmycalls.com/churches/event-reminders.html
Tim Smith was born and raised in South Florida which explains why he loves the beach and is an avid fisherman. Tim finds joy in writing and is currently the Social Media Guru and Support Manager for DialMyCalls.


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