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3 Modern Methods to Accept and Share Prayer Requests


Personal requests for special prayers are not uncommon for churches, but with larger congregations, it can be difficult to make sure all members prayer requests are heard. To save you time in tracking down church goers who desire prayer, and to make it easier for them to do so, you can employ technology to ensure everyone’s requests are being heard.

1) Create a Prayer Page on Your Website

Church members can log onto your church website and on a special page write out their need for a prayer. You can have it set up to notify you of submissions on that page, or you can make it the job of one of your staff members to check-in daily and note the prayer requests. You can also create a public forum, where members who are willing, can share a prayer need directly with other church goers.

2) Use a Messaging Service to Collect and Send Prayers

You can use a church notification system not only to send messages, but also to get them. Set up a special number and those in need can call in and leave a voice message for their prayer request. You can then turn it into a text message and send it to those church members who are part of your prayer chain. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to track you down during a busy day, and the problems that come with using old fashioned prayer chains.

3) Collect Prayers on Your Facebook Page

This method is appropriate for those whose prayers are not of a personal nature. Your church members can post prayer requests so that all members who have liked your page can see it, or they can use private messaging to send it to you directly. Installing messenger on your smart phone will allow you to see those messages immediately. This form of prayer collection is especially effective with your younger church goers and youth group members.

For some, the prayer request will be of a personal nature, and the individual may not want those details shared. Others will prefer to directly ask you and their church peers when in need. By having a variety of methods for collecting prayer requests, you are able to meet all of those needs, guaranteeing that each member feels cared for during their time of need.

In order to let people know about their options, make your own prayer requests and share them. Make these general for your community, such as praying for the recovery of those in need in the area. You can also use text messaging to gather your community spiritually after a worldwide tragedy, such as an earthquake, and as a group send the power of prayer halfway around the planet.

As you use these methods to share prayers, your church members will start to learn how to use them for themselves. This convenience in asking for a special prayer will help to bring your community closer as they immediately receive the help they are seeking.

Tim Smith
Tim Smithhttp://www.dialmycalls.com/churches/event-reminders.html
Tim Smith was born and raised in South Florida which explains why he loves the beach and is an avid fisherman. Tim finds joy in writing and is currently the Social Media Guru and Support Manager for DialMyCalls.


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