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5 Unexpected Benefits of Launching a Church App


There are obvious benefits to having a church app. Ministries can benefit from improved engagement if their church app is done well. When church members are able to stay better connected, communities can thrive. The statistics tell us that people spend three times longer on apps than mobile websites. Your church can and will benefit from a church app that provides tools to increase community, give, watch sermons, and share prayer requests. 

Apps can also increase giving. A recent survey shows that 61% of smartphone owners are replacing cash transactions with mobile payments—and this includes gifts to the church. With giving features, it’s fast and secure to donate from the app when inspired.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having a church app, there are also some surprising benefits. Here are five unexpected benefits when launching a church app:

1-Connect with Younger Generations

Have you ever wondered how to connect with teenagers and younger generations in the community? An app is an excellent way to do this because young people prefer communicating on their phones. This makes sense because 92% of Millennials and 96% of Gen Z young people own a smartphone compared to 74% of people ages 50-64.

Of course, people of all ages will interact on the app, but you’ll be surprised how much you expand your reach with younger generations when you take a modern approach to communication.

2-Increase Future Generosity

If you think a lot of people use smartphones these days, just wait until 2020! Experts predict America will gain 120 million new owners by then. Another prediction for 2020—mobile payments will increase 80%. People are only growing more familiar and confident donating on a phone.

A church app not only makes it incredibly easy to give, but they also make it simple for parents to teach the next generation the importance of stewardship. They are designed to increase giving today and cultivate generosity for the future.

3-Reduce Office Costs

Technology is a fantastic way to reduce office costs, and an app does this in a few ways. You’ll see savings on supplies like stamps and stationary because you won’t have to send as many mailers. Invitations, notifications, and other correspondence can all be sent through the church app.

You’ll cut down on the amount of paper and printer ink used because it’s more convenient for your congregation to access pamphlets, bulletin notices, and register for events from their smartphones. Plus, admin features keep everything organized and allow seamless integrations with your ChMS, saving time and money.

4-Know Your Congregation Better

Through prayer requests and interactions on your church app, you’ll get to know your congregation on a deeper level. You’ll learn what engages them (and what doesn’t). You can then tailor outreach events, groups, messages, and more based on what your church responds to the best.

Remember, the app is an extension of your church. While you can’t always be in the same room as each other, you can get to know each other as if you are.

5-Enjoy the Obvious and Unexpected Benefits

Make the most of ALL benefits by choosing an app that has favorite features such as media, prayer requests, and event registrations. And remember, don’t allow yourself to overpay. You can get customizable apps for under $39/monthly (or even free for the first year). Once you’ve started the app, it won’t be long before your church notices the benefits listed above and even a few that are unique to your church.


Valerie Russell
Valerie Russell
Valerie Russell is the Content Specialist for Ministry Brands, a software company dedicated to empowering faith-based organizations in a digital world. When she’s not helping churches use technology to further their vision, you’ll find her curled up with a good book, spending time with her husband, or active in local volunteer work. She’s thrilled about Ministry Brand’s exciting launch of an affordable, new mobile church app for Apple and Android platforms—MinistryOne.



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