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12 Live Streaming Providers to Consider


The practice of live streaming church services has gained popularity over the last few years. The impacts of COVID-19 certainly accelerated the move to live streaming for many churches. We’ve compiled this list to help you navigate the myriad of live streaming providers available. 

The information below is based on details provided on each companies website. I encourage you to look over the information and visit these websites to learn more.

Here are several of the top live streaming providers:

#1 – Boxcast
#2 – ChurchStreaming.tv
#3 – DaCast
#4 – Haivision
#5 – Livecontrol.io
#6 – MyChurchWebsite
#7 – SermonCast
#8 – StreamingChurch.tv
#9 – StreamShark
#10 – StreamSpot
#11 – The Church Online
#12 – Worship Channels

#1 – Boxcast 

With BoxCast, all that’s needed to stream live is power, an internet connection, and a video camera. Viewers will get a perfectly-sized picture on any device. Plus, there’s no buffering and no annoying ads to distract the viewer from streamed content.

Pricing: Plans begin at $99 a month. 

#2 – ChurchStreaming.tv

ChurchStreaming.tv is one of the easy to use, all-in-one live streaming providers for churches. Their three-step capture, connect, and broadcast have you streaming live in no time. Churches begin by capturing the video with a camera or mobile device. Next, connect your video feed to an encoder, streaming box, or computer. The last step is to broadcast the video to the church website and major social platforms, Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Pricing: Plans being at $79 a month with an annual commitment.

#3 – DaCast

The DaCast is a live streaming and video hosting platform that launched publicly in October of 2010. Since then, DaCast has been offering the best online video platform that simplifies the distribution of premium media content. The company’s goal is to offer the highest quality streaming solutions available at the most competitive pricing. More than 155,000 professional broadcasters and businesses have trusted DaCast to deliver their live and on-demand video content.

Pricing: Plans begin at $21 a month with an annual commitment.

#4 – Haivision

The Haivision Video Cloud allows churches to live stream services online and automate the publishing of video assets to their online campus, website, and social media platforms at the same time. This allows users more time and flexibility to focus on content creation. They offer analytics to help churches monitor the performance of each video and audience engagement to see what is resonating with their congregation. 

Pricing: Contact for a quote on pricing. 

#5 – Livecontrol 

LiveControl produces high-quality live streams by operating the cameras in your church. This four-step process to install, schedule, control, and live stream make it possible for all churches to live stream with ease. LiveControl is proven to increase your online giving by five times and online viewers by four times. It easily integrates with all your favorite services. Currently, it is the only option that provides remote video operators to film services, taking one more thing off the church’s plate.

Pricing: Plans begin at $99 per subscription. 

#6 – MyChurchWebsite 

With MyChurchWebsite, church members can watch your service or event from any internet-connected device. With Youtube and Facebook Live Integration you can broadcast to your website, Youtube, and FB Live, at the same time. There are no limits on the number of people watching your stream at one time and it is 100% ad-free. With access to reports, churches will be able to see how people are engaging with your streams every week. 

Pricing: Plans being at $30 a month with an annual commitment. 

#7 – SermonCast

SermonCast for secure HD video streaming, sermon video hosting, and live online church services. Whether churches are looking for an affordable online video hosting service or want live streaming of their church services, SermonCast is a great solution. They offer a free view, on any device, with integrated viewer and sermon notes. There is an HD Video Player for embedding on the church’s website and blogs.

Pricing: Plans begin at $49 a month. 

#8 – StreamingChurch.tv

StreamingChurch.tv replicates the experience of coming to your church in person by providing one of the most interactive experiences for your online viewers. With integrations for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you can connect with users on any device. Other features include a moderated chat, private prayer/messaging, notes, Bible, and more.  

Pricing: Plans begin at $79 a month after a free 30-day trial. 

#9 – StreamShark 

StreamShark’s live event platform offers users the ability to efficiently and reliably manage the different phases of an event’s stream while ensuring maximum reach and reliability of the live stream via its multi-vendor approach with ingests and CDNs. Features of this service include real-time stats, instant video archives, live highlight clips, DVR and live rewind, multistream to social, and chat. 

Pricing: Plans for individuals and small businesses begin at $199 a month. 

#10 – Streamspot

StreamSpot specializes in automated content distribution for multi-platform delivery. Its core services option features their patented streaming automation workflow allowing you to focus on your event, not the stream. The automated content syndication allows for a single broadcast to be distributed to popular platforms including Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, and Roku automatically, saving you time. Within minutes of each live broadcast, the archive is automatically posted for on-demand viewing directly on the organization’s custom StreamSpot players.

Pricing: Plans begin at $79 a month with a discount offered for a yearly subscription. 

#11 – The Church Online 

The Church Online began in 2002 as a dial-up and DSL Internet service provider, and over time has grown to support the needs of organizations throughout the world. The company has evolved into a team of tech-savvy, creative, and strategic professionals who can address a variety of needs. This includes solutions for video streaming, website development, mobile applications, graphic design, video production, and social media management. 

Pricing: Initial consultation and customized packages to meet your needs. 

#12 – Worship Channels

Worship Channels makes Live Streaming simple. With no ads, unlimited channels, and free tech support, churches can be live streaming in seconds to over 95% of the world’s broadband users. Password protection, custom branded channels, dedicated servers, and live support are just a few of the benefits organizations will receive with their service. 

Pricing: Basic plan begins at $99 a month. 


This list is not comprehensive but should give your church some good direction about what to look for when evaluating live streaming providers. There are many good companies out there with excellent features to consider.

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