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5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Maximize Year-End Giving


Year-end giving is one of the most crucial times for a church’s annual budget. Not only is it an opportunity for churches to close the gap on a year-end budget shortfall, it can also create momentum moving into the New Year.

However, most churches don’t have a lot of time or energy to focus on year-end giving. They might make an announcement on stage or send a direct mail reminder, but that’s about it. They’ve never taken the time to figure out how to use technology to help achieve their goals. The good news is that cultivating generosity during the end of the year isn’t complicated and most churches already have the tools they need.

Here are five ways to leverage technology to maximize your efforts and cultivate generosity during this crucial time of the year:

1. Create a tell-all giving report.

Your church management software isn’t just a place to store financial records; it’s a tool that can be used to help you cultivate generosity. By taking the time to create a tell-all giving report, you can identify potential year-end donors and find unique ways to encourage them to contribute.

2. Send your year-end contribution statement digitally.

While most churches send contribution statements through direct mail, many churches are moving towards digital. Digital contribution statements are simpler and more cost-effective than direct mail. They also give you the ability to add more punch to your contribution statement and promote online giving.

giving online3. Make it easy for your members to give online.

2013 ends on a Tuesday, which means your church members won’t be able to physically give until the end of the year unless they stop by the church office. If you want to maximize your online giving, make sure it’s easy for members to give. Putting a “give now” button on your home page is another simple and easy way to increase online giving during the end of the year.

4. Utilize technology to creatively engage your givers.

The holidays are a busy time and many people might miss your year-end giving appeals. A great way to overcome this obstacle is to use technology to engage givers. Whether it’s a video you embed in your e-Newsletter or a specific microsite you create for year-end giving, technology is a great way for you to creatively encourage your givers to give.

5. Connect your church management software and online giving.

Consolidating your online giving tool and your church management software makes sense for a number of reasons. When it comes to year-end giving, connecting the two helps your church members see how much they’ve given and ensures you have the most accurate data for developing your year-end giving strategy.

There is a window of opportunity to maximize giving during this season. Technology can help you maximize the limited time you have by helping you develop a plan, connect with your givers, and challenge them to give during this crucial time of year.

How is your church planning on leveraging technology to maximize year-end giving?

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Steve Caton
Steve Caton
Steve Caton has been building teams and nurturing innovative growing organizations for over 30 years, successfully expanding a variety of companies such as The Giving Crowd, Newdea and Christianity.com. Steve is most recognized for his work at Church Community Builder where he assisted in catalyzing an eight-year period of double-digit growth and service to over 4,800 churches. Steve is passionate about Kingdom causes and has authored hundreds of articles and ebooks about effective leadership and organizational health. Currently, Steve is the Chief Growth Officer at Generis where he works alongside a team of over 45 generosity and leadership experts to increase their reach and impact.  


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