Author: Steve Caton

4 Risks Every Church Should Prepare For

There’s a word that crops up and plagues churches in the media far too often, a word nobody ever wants to hear associated with theirs: scandal.

Whether it’s a staff member embezzling funds, a pastor acting inappropriately toward a child, a bad accident, or even just a leadership transition gone awry, these stories come out — and the churches they come out of almost never saw them coming.

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3 Secrets of a Healthy Church Culture

Like most church leaders, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your ministries, your people, your budget and operations, next Sunday’s service, and a million other things. Keeping all of those things on track is more than a full-time job — so how much time do you have to focus on your church’s culture?

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COVID-19 Church Playbook


A step-by-step guide for churches trying to successfully navigate change while caring well for their communities.