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Why You Need PTZ Cameras For Live Streaming Your Church Services [Webinar]


StreamingChurch.tv is hosting a webinar to share why churches should consider using PTZ cameras. The webinar will share why streaming churches should consider transitioning from fixed cameras and will also include a live demo so that you can see the quality of video when using a PTZ camera.

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, and is a type of camera specialized for live streaming. PTZ cameras offer great quality for both video and audio, and are much more accessible than traditional broadcast-quality cameras. With PTZ cameras, you can easily adjust the camera position to get the best possible shot without needing to move a physical camera or an operator.

The webinar will discuss the advantages of PTZ cameras and how they can be used to enhance your church's online streaming experience. Attendees will also learn about different types of PTZ cameras, as well as tips on setup and operation. Other topics covered include cost savings, ease of use, and practical applications for churches.

Attendees will hear firsthand why PTZ cameras are a great choice for churches looking to take their live streaming capabilities to the next level. There will be time for to answer your questions about PTZ cameras and help you decide which camera is the best fit for your church.

Move 4K family

Webinar Presenter

Stephen Heywood of PTZ optics is an expert in the streaming industry with over 10 years of experience in the field. He is well-versed in the capabilities of PTZ cameras and will be able to answer any questions you have about the topic. Join us to learn more about why so many ministries are switching to PTZ cameras.

What You Will Learn In This Webinar?

  • What is a PTZ camera?
  • Why are so many ministries are switching to PTZ cameras?
  • Are PTZ cameras easy to integrate into your current equipment?
  • Can PTZ cameras reduce the amount of volunteers you need?
  • PTZs: when are they more affordable?
  • Real testimonies from churches and pastors as to why they switched.
  • And a live demonstration of PTZ capabilities.

Stephen Heywood of PTZ Optics will also cover topics such as the ease of integration into your current systems, the potential to reduce the number of volunteers needed, and other features of PTZs that make them more valuable.

Plus, you'll get to hear real testimonies from churches and pastors about why they switched and be treated to a live demonstration of PTZ capabilities.

Win a PTZ Camera for your church

Details for a giveaway is available on the registration page

• Tuesday, March 14, 2023
• 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific
• Register at http://webinar.streamingchurch.tv

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