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Top 10 Trends in Church Tech To Watch and Keep Us With In 2023


2023 promises to be an exciting year in church technology and ministry.

New trends are emerging to increase the options for tools churches can use to serve their communities better. Churches are increasingly utilizing software and tech to assist with their ministry efforts, increasing their outreach and engagement while streamlining the administrative tasks associated with running a church.

Specifically, some of the areas that churches are focusing on include leveraging digital channels for communication like virtual meetings and webinars; using apps to facilitate donations, scheduling services, and events, tracking members’ attendance; and utilizing digital tools to assist with marketing, data analysis, and volunteer management and more.

As technology continues to evolve, churches are leveraging these platforms to make their ministries more efficient and effective while still maintaining a sense of community. With the right tech solutions in place, churches can be better equipped to serve their flocks in the years ahead.

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There are several trends in software offerings that churches should pay attention to in 2023. First, solutions for both large and small churches are increasingly becoming accessible for all churches to consider. These include cloud-based software that allows volunteers to access their ministry-related files and workflows from anywhere, integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to track ministry members and activities, online donation platforms that enable churches to easily accept donations without a physical presence or staff member, as well as things like automated event scheduling software that allows churches to coordinate services, classes, and events more efficiently.

Churches have also seen the benefits of leveraging digital marketing tools like social media management systems and email marketing automation platforms to reach people beyond their current members and followers. These solutions can help create an engaging community experience while reaching out with messages of hope.

In the end, when used well, technology can be used to scale personal relationships.

Here are 10 church tech trends to watch for in 2023:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI is quickly becoming the norm in many industries, and churches will be no exception. By using AI-driven products and services, churches can better understand their audience’s needs and respond accordingly. For example, the primary offerings of AI copywriting and image generation are two simple but potentially impactful services that a church can use to increase efficiency and scale. A large part of this article was written with the support of artificial intelligence, for example.

2. Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular in the church technology space, allowing churches to access their data from anywhere at any time. This means churches can manage projects, collaborate with other ministries and departments, and keep track of attendance records without worrying about physical file storage. The halo effect has been to increase flexibility in work environments allowing for WFH configurations of remote to become normalized for many churches. This allows for a better quality of life, reduced real estate costs for office space, and a widening of the talent pool from which a church hires regularly.

3. Mobile Ministry

Mobile apps have grown in popularity over the years, and this trend is continuing in 2023. Churches are increasingly using apps to reach their members on the go and engage with their congregations in new ways.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data is becoming an increasingly important part of church decision-making. By leveraging data from different sources, such as demographics, engagement levels, and financial records, churches can make more informed decisions about their ministry. As a result, the integration of systems and databases will continue to happen. In recent years, we’ve already seen acquisitions in the church tech space that will undoubtedly accelerate the consolidation of databases and allow dashboards to be built, offering better decision-making support.

5. Automation

Automation is becoming more prevalent within churches, as it can help streamline processes, reduce costs, and make staff more efficient. Churches are using automation for tasks such as email marketing, data entry, inventory management, and scheduling. In addition, companies like TextInChurch allow guest-follow-up processes to be automated so that there are consistent communications while scaling the number of people a church can nurture in a relationship as they discover the church.

6. Security

With the prevalence of cyber-attacks, churches will need to pay more attention to security in 2023. Churches must ensure that their data and systems are secure from outside threats and adopt best practices for protecting their members’ information. Cyber attacks and ransomware are becoming common issues corporate entities need to deal with and protect against. Churches are not immune to this unfortunate trend, especially with databases filled with personal information for families and individuals in their ecosystem.

7. Digital Giving

Digital giving is becoming an increasingly popular way for churches to collect donations. Churches are using digital tools to make giving more convenient and accessible for their members and provide a secure, efficient way to receive donations. Crypto has been in the news lately in an up-and-down rollercoaster, but adding options to take crypto donations will become increasingly popular as we move forward in 2023.

8. Live Streaming other than Sunday worship

Live streaming has become an essential part of many churches’ services in 2023, allowing them to reach larger audiences while still providing the same level of interactivity as in-person services. But live streaming on social platforms has seen their reach and exposure plummet as the algorithms deprioritize organic reach for brand pages. Live streaming on the church’s main website will increase in popularity as the overall trend to tend and build up owned properties rises in 2023 and beyond.

10. Digital Discipleship

With the rise of digital media, church technology products are increasingly designed to facilitate digital discipleship activities. This includes tools that enable pastors and members to connect with each other more meaningfully, as well as apps and websites that provide access to resources such as sermons, devotionals, and Bible studies. Digital discipleship can also include content-management systems that allow churches to launch courses and sequential learning both live and on-demand quickly.

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From mobile solutions and data analytics to automation and AI-powered personalization, these ten trends are sure to shape how churches operate in the years ahead.

With so many emerging trends, it’s important for churches to stay up to date on the latest technology and find ways to take advantage of these new resources. These 10 trends show that church technology products are continuing to evolve, providing churches with the tools they need to serve their communities better.

With these specific trends in mind, churches must have a growth posture in order to leverage the latest technology to enhance their ministry work. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the way churches use it as part of their ministry efforts. Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of church ministry and providing new opportunities for pastors and members to connect with one another in more meaningful ways.

From social media management tools to email marketing automation platforms, cloud-based software solutions, and online donation portals, there is no shortage of tech options available for churches in the coming year. With these tools at their disposal, churches have unprecedented access to an array of digital resources that will help them meet their goals as they continually strive to impact their congregations positively.

Technology is quickly becoming integral to church work for every department and ministry front. With the right combination of software solutions, churches can benefit from increased efficiency and better outreach to their community. In addition, by staying up-to-date on the latest trends in church technology products, churches can ensure that they are best equipped to serve their members and communities for years to come.

What’s one trend that you’re sensing or predicting for the next year ahead?

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