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3 Smart Church Security Measures to Implement Right Now


A number of security measures should be in place to create the most secure environment for your attendees and visitors. 

Ensuring your church is a secure environment for people to hear about God and develop their faith is a task that is very important. 

FBI hate crime records show a 34.8 percent spike in cases between 2014 and 2018 in churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. Furthermore, you want to do everything you can to protect against abuses of any kind. This is why maintaining the security of your church is essential to its long-term success.

What can you do, then? What kinds of security measures can you implement? Here are three things to think about today.

3 Smart Church Security Measures to Implement Right Now

1. Systematize the reporting of incidents

In spite of everyone’s best efforts, there are things that occur at church that are out of anyone’s control. This is why it’s crucial to have a form that can be used to record any accidents, injuries, or mishaps that occur at any property or facility that your church uses. 

This form will be a sufficient tool for your church to document the nature of the incidents as they happen, and you will have enough evidence to support these incidents if they require further attention.

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2. Establish an excellent check-in policy for your children’s ministry

Your children’s ministry space needs to be secure. You should start by implementing a check-in system that will inspire trust and demonstrate how seriously your church takes kid safety. 

Among other features, these systems can produce random ID codes to link kids with their parents so that no child is abducted or taken home by the wrong person. The best and most efficient way to do this is using a digital platform.

You must have policies and processes in place to safeguard children, volunteers, and employees in addition to a secure check-in policy and procedure. Even after doing a background check, you still need to take steps to protect the children and adults by putting policies in place that will guarantee the children’s safety, as well as provide liability protection for the church and adults. 

For example:

  • Never leave a child alone with just one adult anywhere.
  • Every classroom should have two unrelated adults present.
  • Good policies should simultaneously safeguard both children and adults.

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3. Verify the background of volunteers by conducting investigations

Be vigilant about conducting background checks on all members of the ministry teams as well as your personnel. 

Members will see that you value the moral and professional integrity of your personnel when you conduct these background checks. People will feel safer and more united on your team when you can reassure attendees, parents, and other volunteers that you demand background checks.

Whether your church has been around awhile or you’re launching a new church, a number of security measures should be in place.
Show that your church takes the security of children very seriously. A thorough check-in system with ID codes to match children with their parents is something all churches should be looking at. Click To Tweet

Additional Church Security System Advice

Your church may also benefit from a range of additional security measures. To name a few:

  • Spend money on the best technology. In addition to having a computerized check-in system, you can invest in portable radios and cameras that can assist your staff in fostering a secure environment at your church.
  • Create strong internet passwords. A secure internet password for volunteers and staff to use online is essential for security.
  • Set up a security force. The ideal situation would be to have at least one person whose primary responsibility is to patrol the area around your church to ensure that the structure is safe. A few team members who can communicate with one another and stick to a plan for keeping an eye on different places are helpful in churches that have services in huge spaces.
Whether your church has been around awhile or you’re launching a new church, a number of security measures should be in place.


It is crucial for churches to understand that people want to feel comfortable and protected when they attend church. The long-term success of your church depends on the installation of appropriate church security systems. People won’t come back if they don’t feel that they, or their families, are safe. Furthermore, all the work your church has put in can be undone by a single error or security breach. Protect your church with procedures and methods that will enable it to serve the community for decades to come.

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