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Pushpay #TogetherWe Bus Tour


The Pushpay #TogetherWe campaign highlights the positive impact churches can make in their communities through using Pushpay.

Everything Pushpay does is driven by its purpose to bring people together by strengthening

community, connection, and belonging. As part of a new campaign to showcase how churches are making that happen, a team of Pushpay associates hit the road.

As part of its Together We campaign, the team visited seven churches in four days in the

Houston, Texas area. They showed up to celebrate and serve the community alongside their

customers, which included Woodlands Church, United City Church, Houston Northwest Church, Faithbridge Church, Bear Creek Church, Higher Dimension Church, and St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.


“It’s been really cool to meet the people on the other side of the curtain. It’s so rare that we actually get a chance to talk to, shake hands with, and see the people we’re serving, to hear about their difficulties and triumphs, and to find out from them personally how our products are impacting their missions,” said Daniel Ramer, Pushpay Creative Director. “If we can capture that and help propel them into the next chapter by finding out what we can do, that’s even better – then that’s just going to be an even more amazing story next time.”

Discover how the Pushpay #TogetherWe campaign team served others and witnessed the positive impact Pushpay makes on communities.

The team was able to see firsthand how Pushpay products enable customers to fill the gaps in their communities and achieve their unique missions—student outreach, new church buildings, Spanish ministries, feeding the hungry, and sex trafficking ministries. Each church was evidently impacting the community in powerful ways.

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“We would have not made it through [the pandemic] or seen an increase in our giving if it weren’t for Pushpay,” said Time Hill, Bear Creek Church Executive Pastor. “And, those are just dollars. Now then, think about what those dollars are able to do, like improve our technology to be able to reach people online or to be able to expand our Spanish ministry and reach our diverse community.”


In addition to learning how churches are leaning into their communities, the team also got a

chance to serve. “At Faithbridge Church, we got a wonderful tour of their facilities, and we got to hear about the faithfulness of God through an incredible giving campaign they did,” said Pam Flanery, manager of Pushpay reference programs. “And then we spent some time in the children’s ministry wing, putting together Lent paper chain countdowns for them to pass out on Ash Wednesday. We got an opportunity to serve them and hear their great stories. It was a great day.”

Discover how the Pushpay #TogetherWe campaign team served others and witnessed the positive impact Pushpay makes on communities.
The Pushpay #TogetherWe campaign enables customers to fill gaps in their communities and achieve their unique missions. Churches around the country are impacting their communities in powerful ways by using Pushpay. Click To Tweet

The trip provided a great reminder about what we can do together. “We’ve seen so many examples of churches that have had ideas and they were able to use our technology to bring them to life,” said Shanda Boyett, Director of Corporate Marketing. “So, #TogetherWe bring ideas to life’ really encapsulates what we’ve learned this week. What a blessing for all of us that we’ve been able to come here and see those stories in action.”

Discover how the Pushpay #TogetherWe campaign team served others and witnessed the positive impact Pushpay makes on communities.

Learn more about how Pushpay’s #TogetherWe campaign can help your church positively impact your community.


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