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Online Giving: Is it Right for Your Church? [Infographic]

Online Giving: Is it Right for Your Church? [Infographic]

I’ve been writing about online giving here at ChurchTechToday for nearly six years; I’ve written about it even longer through my work as a church tech public relations consultant. Truth is, many churches still don’t have a way to accept online donations, and that can be a problem.

For years, I sent in my church tithe via my bank’s online bill pay, which cut a check every month on the same day and mailed it to my church. Then my church added online giving through its church management software, Church Community Builder, and setting up a recurring tithe online became even easier (and I didn’t have to wait a whole week or more for my check to clear the church’s bank account).

Below is a really interesting and insightful infographic from Fellowship One and Active Network detailing the benefits of online giving for your church:

  • What would your church do with an extra week’s tithes and offerings every month?
  • 81% of American adults use the internet
  • Americans are writing few checks
  • Online giving fosters financial health
  • 14% of church offer online giving

What sight would you share with other churches looking to get on the online giving bandwagon?



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