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Mobile Bible Apps for Bible Memorization and Spiritual Growth


Many years ago, I recall when people would ask me how it was that I could easily remember specific scriptures. For many people, reading the Bible is enjoyable, but trying to get to that point where you can remember specific verses which talk about specific subjects is not something that happens quickly. Because it was a little easier for me, it took a long time before I realized that there were certain learning methods, or just ways that I was reading and studying the scripture that made it possible for me to have such an active recall. Now that we are firmly into the mobile wage, scripture recall has become another subject where people are looking for ways of improving on old methods.

Here are some mobile – friendly methods for scripture memorization that I have come across.

Writing in Notes

It would seem that writing in notes is a simple method to use in order to start memorizing Scripture, but it’s actually a bit more powerful than it seems. Apparently, the way some research talks about it, when we put ourselves in a posture where we are writing down what we are listening, even if we are typing, it triggers our long-term memory parts of our brain to kick in. Effectively, we are writing on our minds when we write down something we hear.

This works well if you are using notes to memorize specific verses or their locations. Simply writing in your device’s notes app is enough to start. Using Evernote is another great option. The key is that you don’t just write it once. You go back to it often and write it over and over.

An additional help here could be to set a reoccurring task to write down in your notes the scripture you are trying to remember. If you will, using the mobile to remind you to make a note that you are remembering something valuable.

Using Audio Bibles

Using an audio bible for scripture memorization seems like it would be challenging, but that’s only if you think of audio bibles as talk radio (they talk and you listen). If you look at each chapter or book as it were your favorite song, and constantly listening to it causing you to remember the lyrics, then it becomes something to better understand.

Several bible apps have audio bibles as a part of their package (YouVersion, Faith Comes By Hearing, etc.), and some even have audio scriptures in languages you may have never heard of (check out for example). The key is to start with a plan (perhaps stay on one chapter for a week, listening only for a few days, and then teaching yourself how to talk alongside the playback by the mid-week), and do your best to stay consistent. Perhaps even using that tip we mentioned earlier in using the tasks app to remind you of your memorization plan.

Using Scripture Memorization Apps

What seems to be an obvious route would be to simply find an app or service and use that. One app that I have seen recently that seems to tick all the boxes is called Remember Me. Made for nearly any mobile device platform (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows, and even Blackberry 10), it basically allows you to add a verse and use several different study methods in order to engage in scripture memory. Remember Me even offers several games to also aid in your practice and application of memorizing scripture. It’s pretty cool, and not too expensive (Free in Google Play, $2.99 in iTunes App Store).

Now, you can find a few hundred similar apps for various platforms. I’d probably not do any of them a great service by listing them – I can’t remember them all. But, you can use the search terms “scripture memory” and “bible memory” and find several options (Bible Memory Verses, BibleMinded, VerseByHeart, and too many more)

Bonus: Recording Yourself

In another lifetime, I did public poetry performances. And to get myself ready for those performances, I would teach myself to remember what I had written by recording my voice and then learning my mimicking myself. It turned out pretty well, and I would recommend that as a method for those of you who might need an audio kick, but would like something a bit more personal than what some other apps or services offer.

The only note that I would make is that you should check with the publisher of the version of scripture you are using for your personal recordings if this is something you see that you would share with others. Some publishers and countries have laws about this covered in the framework of public performances.

No matter the methods you employ, using your mobile device to help you remember Scriptures is something you should not be afraid of, but you definitely embrace. What are some ways that you have used your mobile devices, or Bible apps, to help you with scripture memorization.

Antoine R. J. Wright
Antoine R. J. Wright
Mobile technology enthusiast, entrepreneurial magazine founder, occasional user interface designer, and mentor, Antoine R.J. Wright has participated in developing innovative approaches in web/graphic design, user experience design, and accessibility across mobile and other computing devices for educational, private, and governmental organizations. The primary voice behind Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), Antoine is pioneering an approach to understanding mobile devices, social web services, and their resulting effects within faith-based communities.


  1. Remember Me is an awesome app, indeed. Quizzes, flashcards, audio recording, playback and an intelligent review system help you to memorize your favourite verses from 44 Bible versions. It’s so easy to use it is even part of Google Play for Families.


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