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Church and the Millennial Mindset [Free ebook]


Building or growing a church of influence may start with a vision, but it only becomes reality through a multitude of people coming into one accord.  It is for this reason that leadership styles and tactics are so important. Across the nation, church leaders are asking an important question: How do I understand the millennial mindset? 

Custom Church Apps has been on the front lines of emerging tech and communication trends for years, taking notes from global trends and developments, creating some of the best church apps on the market. Our team has compiled this experience into an eBook geared specifically toward helping to shed light into the millennial mindset, and revealing just how powerful this influential generation truly is.

What if I told you that the leadership tactic that resonates most strongly with millennials is listening?

The millennial generation values collaboration. In fact, they grew up in the most collaborative era in history. From the beginning of their lives, they have been connected to digital communication, and most of them are in workplaces that thrive on the interchanging of ideas.

Remember this, millennials don’t mind when your opinion is the highest, what bothers them is when your opinion is the only one. They like to talk collectively and let the best ideas rise to the top.” – How To Connect With Today’s Millennial Mindset (eBook, 2018)

This generation feels valued when they feel listened to, and they invest their time, talent, and funds at a far greater measure when collaborating with a vision. Creating a “conversation culture,” especially through leading with listening (see page 8), will not only activate millennials in your vision, but it will also bring new and stronger ideas to the table that will ultimately have a greater impact.

Download your free copy of How To Connect With Today’s Millennial Mindset

To connect with today’s mobile generation, Custom Church Apps has created a set of tools that will help you connect easily, and cost-effectively. They serve over 6,000 churches, increasing engagement with their community. Let them build you an amazing app that will increase engagement, for free, no strings attached. Sign up for a free trial today.


Poncho Lowder
Poncho Lowder
Poncho Lowder is the co-founder and CEO of Custom Church Apps. Poncho is also the Lead Pastor of Dreamer’s Church in Austin, Texas. With 20 years of experience in these two roles, Poncho has a proven track record of connecting with millennials. In his most recent ebook, How to Connect with Today's Millennial Mindset, Poncho identifies four major keys that will help churches better connect with millennials. 



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