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9 Tips to Keep Your Church Connected with Text Messaging

Pandemic or not, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of text communication. With 99% of text messages being opened (and 90% within the first three minutes!), it’s easy to see why texting is a valuable tool to spread event information, alerts, updates, and reminders.

How To Increase Worship Attendance by 10%

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right on Sunday mornings - offering powerful music, a relevant and engaging sermon, along with welcoming a community, but you still can't seem to increase your worship attendance on a weekly basis? 

Top 10 Ways Thriving Churches Communicate

Church communication can feel daunting at times even for the most experienced church communicators and pastors. Thriving churches communicate in ways that simplify this process and focus on getting the message to their audience with ease.

10 Advantages of Text Messaging for Churches

Efficient and timely communication remains a top goal for churches, pastors, and church communicators. With the overabundance and variation of social media apps being used by people today, along with the number of emails being sent and received, the advantages of text messaging for churches is obvious - everyone texts because it is direct, simple, and at everyone's fingertips.

5 Follow-Ups for First Time Guests

Creating an inviting and warm experience for first-time guests before, during, and after worship services and events is important. A primary goal for church staff and volunteers should be to help guests feel loved and welcomed throughout the week as well. So how does your church make certain that guests stay connected after their visit?

Top 10 Church Texting Solutions

There’s no doubt that texting is the most direct way to make contact with people today. Texting, by nature, is also a more intimate form of communication, more personal than email. This might be the reason texting can be extremely effective for churches.

Best Way to Read Christian Books Digitally

Christian authors abound and so do the variety of ways to read their books, from trekking to your local Christian bookstore and buying old-fashioned books printed on paper to downloading digital eBooks from Amazon or Bible software sites. I prefer to read Christian eBooks instead of paperbacks.

ChurchTechToday Reader Survey Results

Over the last week, we've had fun reading through the survey results that were submitted for our first ever church technology reader survey. While only 58 church leaders responded, the sizes of churches range from 15 people to 15,000 giving us a really great bird's eye view of ministry at every level from small to mega. The range of job roles by responders also covers every aspect of ministry from attender, to volunteer, to support staff, to pastor giving us a pretty well-rounded view of churches. We've included some stats via graphics below to unpack what technology tools churches are using.