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ChurchTechToday Reader Survey Results


Over the last week, we’ve had fun reading through the survey results that were submitted for our first ever church technology reader survey. While only 58 church leaders responded, the sizes of churches range from 15 people to 15,000 giving us a really great bird’s eye view of ministry at every level from small to mega. The range of job roles by responders also covers every aspect of ministry from attender, to volunteer, to support staff, to pastor giving us a pretty well-rounded view of churches. We’ve included some stats via graphics below to unpack what technology tools churches are using. Many thanks to our readers who filled out the survey and to our sponsors who gave away these great prizes:

  • $5 Starbucks Gift Cards to the first 25 survey responders
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • $100 from MoGiv when you sign up for a FREE MoGiv giving account for your church
  • FREE Roll Call church management software license from By the Book for up to 250 names
  • 140 FREE call or text credits from DialMyCalls

And now, for the results of the survey. Below is a snapshot of the roles of our readers according to their church job title:

Screenshot 1A

We asked if churches had a website and offered online giving – two critical elements of any church technology strategy. We’re happy to see that the majority of churches do have a website – nearly 95% and nearly 70% of church offer online giving:

Screenshot 1

While text and mobile giving are somewhat newer technologies. nearly 30% of churches do offer a way to give via cell phones, which is great to see. As for church management software (ChMS), a staple technology solution for most churches, we were surprised to see that nearly 30% of churches did not have a solution in place:

Screenshot 2

We were also surprised to see that virtually half of all churches that responded did not have church accounting software in place:

Screenshot 3

As for church media technology, it’s great to see over 22% taking steps to live stream services over the internet. It was also encouraging to see that more than half of all churches surveyed podcast sermons over the internet:

Screenshot 5

Lastly, almost 85% of churches use church presentation software during their services:

Screenshot 6

We’re big church communication educators here at ChurchTechToday, so we asked some detailed questions about use of verbal and video announcements, church bulletins, flyers, postcards, print newsletters, email, text messaging, social media, phone calls, and more:

Screenshot 4

We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for providing some great giveaways and a huge thanks to the many hard-working volunteers, support staff, pastors, and leaders who spent their valuable time answering our survey questions! We are extremely thankful for the kind words and good feedback which will help us improve the content we aim to provide.


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Lauren Hunter
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Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunterhttps://laurenhunter.net
Lauren Hunter is a writer who loves the big picture of God’s journey we are all on together. In 2007, she founded ChurchTechToday, a website for pastors and church leaders to harness technology to improve ministry. Married to her high school sweetheart, Lauren lives in Northern California with her husband and their four children. Her latest book is Leaving Christian Science: 10 Stories of New Faith in Jesus Christ. She can be found online at https://laurenhunter.net.


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