Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor is the co-founder of My Sermon Notes, a discipleship-first church app offering interactive features for church members. An entrepreneur from a young age, his YouTube channel features videos on building a brand and marketing effectively. His passion is to equip ministries with the tools they need to navigate the shift towards digital discipleship.

Digital Discipleship With Your Church App

With the recent events requiring us to worship from home in many places around the world, church apps are proving themselves highly valuable. Whether you have a church app, or you're looking to get one, how do you encourage digital discipleship through the platform?

How to Leverage Powerful Church Management Software Integrations

It’s no secret that having the right software tools to power your ministry is critical in today’s society. We live in an app-based, digital world. As churches continue to evolve, they are adopting multiple platforms such as church management software, a church app for their congregation, an online giving service, and more.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Critical for Churches

Churches are constantly seeking new ways to communicate with their congregation and connect with first-time guests. Unfortunately, this can mean that churches focus too much on new communication methods. They end up ignoring older but very effective methods, like email marketing.

New Online Giving Solution, RebelGive, Seeks to Compete with Existing Providers

The online giving industry is an ever-changing and exciting market for churches of all sizes. With digital giving quickly becoming the norm, it is critical for online giving platforms to be accessible and affordable for the average church. A new service, RebelGive, is shaking things up with a unique business model.

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