Craig Wishart

Craig Wishart is the Chief Brand Officer at Custom Church Apps, in Vancouver Washington. He develops and evolves ministry focused brands, with the soul focus of developing technology for Kingdom purposes. He is also working with city officials, developing a platform for a community that meets the needs of sexually exploited victims.

3 Examples of Ministries Using the Bible in Their Church App

We live in a world where traditional churches have less impact on the community, yet people need spiritual guidance more than ever. Part of the problem is the world is full of technology that distracts people from more important matters. While technology may be part of the problem, it can also be part of the solution. This is where providing meaningful Bible studies for your congregation using a church app is pivotal in today’s technology age.

10 Ways Church Apps Outperform Mobile Websites

Apps are an indispensable tool for accessing digital information and services quickly. There is an app for anything and everything, including churches. Why are apps so useful? Is it because they are fast and easy to use? Or because they sidestep the trouble of opening a browser, logging on to a website, and then searching for a desired function or feature? Of course, websites are amazing resources and necessary components of any healthy communications system, but when it comes to performance, speed, and agility - apps are definitely out in front.

7 Church Mobile App Essentials

If your church doesn’t already have a mobile app, you’ve probably heard about them. Perhaps you’ve started looking into app providers and are lost in the sea of options. While it’s wonderful to have several providers to choose from, it’s easy to wonder how to choose which one is best for your church.

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