Todd Heft

Todd Heft is the director of media arts at Hillside Community Church in Bristol, Connecticut. He also is the social media coordinator for Racing with Jesus Ministries He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from ECSU and a Master's degree in Computer Information Management from CCSU. Todd also has a full-time position at ESPN as a Systems Administrator. He enjoys spending time camping with his wife and their four children.

Avoiding the Sin of Too Much Church Technology

In a world where everything competes for our attention, everyone wants more tech gear, more lights, more haze, and a production that will draw in the masses. But when is too much tech too much? How do you walk the line of giving your very best in ministry without becoming gluttonous?

3 Critical Steps for Church Tech Growth

As a church tech or worship leader, growing your team and growing your ministry is often at the forefront of everything that you do. Without a clear direction for your team and yourself, growth could be minimal and your ministry may not reach the full potential that God has planned for it. There are three critical steps that every church tech or worship leader can take to inspire productivity and growth.

4 Steps to Scheduling Rest for the Church Tech

When working in church tech ministry, there always seems to be “what next” moments. What’s the latest gear? How do I get things to look and sound better? Many church techs, and for good reasons, are always looking to improve the church experience. At some point, however, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves the question: WHY are we doing this? Is it to make it look good or is it to bring glory to God?

Turn Your Unused Worship Gear Into a Blessing

Your new lights are shining bright, your new sound board is installed, and your now worship looks and sounds amazing. Now the only question that remains is what to do with the gear you just replaced. The last thing any church wants is to have unused equipment collecting dust in a closet. Here are a few options that can help your church save space and potentially be a blessing to other churches:

Creating a Robust Network for Church AV

The increasing number of devices on your church's network can put a strain not only on your bandwidth but on you as a tech. While connected devices have made things easier within the church, they have also created a new set of headaches.

4 Steps to Compelling Church Communication Using Digital Signage

Digital signage usage is growing in nearly every business. It can be used to effectively attract new customers to a business’ product, inform employees of company happenings, or to display the status of certain processes or workflows. Churches have a great opportunity to use digital signage to notify their members of what is happening both locally and globally in the Church.

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