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[Deal] $15 Content Creator Kit with 16-inch RGB Ring Light, 62-inch Adjustable Tripod, and Green Screen


If you don't have a studio set-up at your church to create videos, this is a great first step that's affordable. This deal includes: Content Creator Kit with16-inch RGB Ring Light, 62-inch Adjustable Tripod, and Green Screen for Content Creation Camera Accessory. This set will save you time and money when it comes to creating videos for your church. The kit includes the perfect lighting, tripod, and green screen for a professional-looking studio setup. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and transport! Get ready to start producing quality content with this incredible deal!

The Content Creator Kit is perfect for churches that want to start creating their own videos. This set provides the basic lighting, tripod, and green screen for a professional-looking video. The 62-inch Adjustable Tripod is designed to adjust quickly so you can get the perfect angle for each shot.

Some ways you can use this kit:

– Record video sermons and upload them to YouTube or your church website
– Shoot tutorials, interviews, or announcements with a professional look
– Take live streaming to the next level with the green screen
– Record volunteer training videos
– Record social media videos

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The USB-powered Content Creator Kit comes with all of the things you need to create successful and vibrant content. The Content Creator Kit comes with a1 6 inch ring light that has 12 different RGB colors and three white light modes. There are 7 RGB special effect modes that include: spectrum, cycle, cycle two, strobe, transition, transition two, and swirl. The options provide many options to complement your style ideas. Add in the included 5×7 green screen and you are an instant director of your own content. Put the green screen anywhere with the four included clamps to secure the screen. The light has two options for light control. There is an in-line remote that is attached to the light and there is a secondary wireless remote control. The included sturdy extendable tripod will allow you to arrange your scene for content by adjusting the tripod from 16 inches (fully collapsed) all the way up to 62 inches (fully extended). For the full content creator effect, there is an included table tripod for you to mount your phone or action camera in any position to capture the content you are creating. The legs fold in on the table tripod so you can easily pick it up and switch the scenery effortlessly.


  • 12 RGB Colors
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • 7 Special Effect Light Modes
  • Great for Vlogging, Live Videos, Video Chats, Social Media, and Live Streaming

In the box:

  • 16 Inch RGB Ring Light
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • In-line remote control
  • Phone Mount
  • Extendable Tripod (up to 62 Inches)
  • 5×7 Green Screen
  • Four Green Screen Mounting Clamps
  • Table Tripod with Phone/Action camera mount plus a remote shutter


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