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COVID-19 Church Resources


This week has brought with it unprecedented events as churches throughout the United States comply with state recommendations to promote ‘social distancing,’ thus suspending Sunday services until further notice. It’s been a fast-moving train, or perhaps more like a race car, as local, state, and national protocols have changed by the hour.

In Northern California where I live, most churches are closing and moving to a live stream via their website or church app. For churches that were already live streaming, they have equipment and systems in place. But for churches who were not previously live streaming, there is a mad scramble to quickly get up-to-speed and produce a live stream or pre-recorded sermon video church service in the span of a few days.

We decided to share as many free live streaming and virtual church service resource with you as possible as we navigate these uncertain times:

#1 – Faithlife Offers Free Access to More Than 700 Bible Study Resources During COVID-19 Through June 30

Faithlife, is offering free access through June 30 to its Digital Church Library containing more than 700 Bible study resources to help church leaders and their congregations sustain spiritual growth throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

Churches across the country are experiencing the effects of this pandemic in myriad ways, and we want to partner with faithful church leaders seeking to edify their congregations despite social distancing,” said Faithlife Founder and CEO Bob Pritchett. “Our Digital Church Library provides a plethora of online books and courses, making way for every church member and leader at different phases in faith to grow spiritually during this time.”

Faithlife’s Digital Church Library includes seminary-level courses from Logos Mobile Education, audio Bibles, Bible commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias from Lexham press, devotionals, Bible translators, books by theological source-experts, family-friendly Bible study sources from InterVarsity Press and much more.

#2 – Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Step-by-Step, Research-Informed and Faith-Based Planning Manual

To help your church plan and prepare for the impact of COVID-19, the Humanitarian Disaster Institute has created this practical, 28-page manual, Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Step-by-Step, Research-Informed and Faith-Based Planning Manual. This manual offers faith communities a 6-step guide for preparing, planning, and facing a public health threat like coronavirus.

With biblical wisdom, research insights, and quick, actionable steps, this manual equips all traditions and denominations with practical ways to address the coronavirus threats and potential emergency. After downloading, you can edit and save directly in the manual as you prepare your plan.

You can also download the Coronavirus Church Planning Template.

#3 – Ministry Brands – Webinar + Guide + Free Tech

Easter’s in less than a month. Equip your church in advance of a possible COVID-19 outbreak with our webinar, guide, and free tech solutions.

By registering, you’ll access:
+ Webinar (a replay will be sent if you can’t attend)
+ Guide
+ Free Tech (90-days of live streaming, emergency comm, and giving)

Webinar Will Cover:
+ Best practices for connecting your congregation when they’re avoiding crowds (live streaming tips included)
+ How to mass communicate with your church about changes to your services
+ Ways to keep your staff connected and doing ministry—even if they’re working from home
+ How to quickly adopt new church technology to connect with people during disruptions

#4 – ChurchTechHigh’s Live Streaming eCourse

Normally $39, now free for an undetermined about of time. Sign up here to binge watch 10 lessons and get fluent in live streaming immediately.

#5 – Live Stream Directly Within Your Digital Church Bulletin From bltn

Send out your digital bulletin with a message like “Livestream is starting now! Check it out in your bulletin…” and your congregation can join digitally when we can’t all be together physically.

Is your worship team staying home? You could use the bltn live stream to give your sermon form your office computer and not delay your teaching schedule.

You can live stream directly from bltn or you can stream from YouTube, Facebook, or any other streaming platform.

If you are a bltn customer, you have a new “Live” channel in your sidebar.
(just republish your bulletin for the week, if it’s already published)

If your church is not yet a customer, sign up today at bltn.app/register and use bltn’s free month trial to live stream your service this weekend.

#6 – Free Live Streaming Consultation from Epiphan

Learn how to quickly set up your church for live streaming. Get a free consultation from Epiphan’s solutions experts about the equipment and services you’ll need for a professional, multi-camera live-stream. This includes live streaming equipment, web portals for streaming services, multi-camera setups, professional audio equipment, and networking and security.

#7 – New Website With Resources: https://coronavirusandthechurch.com/

The Billy Graham Center and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute have put together this helpful site with resources, ebooks, and more to help your church.

#8 – Example of Coronavirus Response Plan from Northshore Church:

Do you have a response plan in place? Download this example from Northshore Church (courtesy of SundayMag.tv)

#9 – Coronavirus Social Graphics

#10 – RightNow Media

RightNow Media, the world’s largest and most trusted library for online biblical content with 20,000 users, is now offering extended free access to a selection of video resources. Content provided through the free trial includes Bible studies on a variety of relevant topics such as fear and anxiety as well as kids’ shows and content for Christian professionals through the RightNow Media @ Work app.

Our mission has always been to serve the church. In times like these when the church is forced to operate in new ways, we want to be there to help. Since many people are now home-bound for a season, we believe this is a time when we can provide some encouraging and helpful content,” said RightNow Media President Brian Mosley. “We want anyone in the country or the world to have free access to some specific resources that we think could be beneficial in these uncertain times. We have chosen content that can help those with anxiety or fear as well as content that can help parents who find themselves with kids at home more than usual.”

Individuals and organizations that do not currently have access to RightNow Media can sign up for the new special account via the following link: www.rightnowmedia.org.

#11 – The Ultimate Livestreaming Guide [free download] by Twelve:Thirty Media

This ebook is your ultimate guide to starting to Live-streaming at your church. Step by step how to’s along with helpful links for you and your team to plan and execute connecting your church online. God is giving us the opportunity to use what has been corrupted by our culture for so long, as a platform to display the glory of Christ and His bride, the church.

Helpful Articles for Churches Around the Web:

Covid-19 and Your Church, SundayMag

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