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5 Powerful #GivingTuesday Statistics

Giving Tuesday isn't just for the typical charitable organizations. For years, churches have been benefiting more and more from the momentum of the #GivingTuesday campaign. Just a few years ago, churches saw the largest uptick in generosity on #GivingTuesday. There are billions of dollars being donated, and churches would be wise to join the movement and harness the energy for their causes, too.

5 Crowdfunding Solutions for Your Next Church Project

Every church has some kind of new project in the works, it seems. And of course, most projects only work if you have the money to execute and support them. Whether it is a youth group that is trying to raise money to go to camp, a new addition to the church building that would be used as an overflow room, or helping send a family as missionaries to another country, churches need creative ways to raise the money to send them.

3 Tech Insights for Church Fundraising

Church fundraising is a necessary part of running the business of a church. While not always the favorite pastime of pastors and church leaders, raising money to fund ministry programs, care for church facilities, retain and train new staff, and leading congregations requires cold hard cash and lots of it. Pastors don’t like to talk about money--but let’s face it, raising money is an essential and necessary part of church business.

5 Key Reasons People Donate to Your Church

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “People don’t give to need. They give to vision.” Well, that’s not entirely true. The truth is, people give for a variety of reasons. Just like people have different personality types, they have different motivators for being generous. Everybody in your congregations isn’t motivated by the same thing. Let’s talk about the five reasons why people make a donation to your church:

Simple Church Accounting Solutions

When it comes to church accounting solutions the options available are astounding. Some integrate with church management systems and have incredible power. Others function as stand alone programs that focus on accounting alone. For small churches, or those utilizing volunteers, its easy to get overwhelmed.

Engage Your Members with Unique Church Fundraising Events

Successful church fundraising should meet two important goals. The first of course is to raise the money you need for whatever project you are supporting. The second is to facilitate community involvement. A church should not just be looking at a fundraising need as a way to make money, they should be looking at it as a way to bring people together.