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10 Popular Check-In Solutions for Churches


10 Smart Check-In Solutions for Churches

Smart check-in solutions for church children’s ministry areas will ensure that you safeguard your church and its people.

Maintaining children's safety is one of the top three concerns of those working in children's ministries on a Sunday morning. Making sure the parents are informed of the safety and security measures put in place for their valuable assets is another item on that list.

Not every parent's face is recognized by the teachers due to friends or grandparents picking up children. Additionally, the pickup and drop-off situation might become challenging as families arrive and go before, after, and during services.

Digital check-ins, thankfully, offer a quick fix in today's world. There are several of these systems, and they are becoming more and more accessible and supported. Our top picks are listed below.

10 Smart Check-In Solutions for Churches

1. Planning Center

Planning Center provides several applications for managing churches. A child and volunteer check-in application is included in the package. Users can access the system via computer, tablets, or mobile phones, just by using the check-in app. However, the system can also be set-up to be self-service. A security label for each parent and an ID label for each child are printed using these devices' connections to portable or desktop printers.

Depending on the size of your church and daily check-ins, Planning Center comes in a range of price points.

2. ChurchTrac

ChurchTrac is one of the most pocket-conscious options available on the market. Ranked No.1 on Capterra’s Top 20 Most User-Friendly church management software options, ChurchTrac is sure to be a good choice for your church.

It is family-based, with a special four-digit code connecting each child to their parents. In order to ensure a safe pickup, all it takes is a simple matching of badges, which is how it works: parents and kids receive printed badges during drop-off.

All of ChurchTrac's plans feature volunteer management, event management, volunteer monitoring, online giving, and membership administration.

Smart check-in solutions for church children’s ministry areas will ensure that you safeguard your church and its people.

3. KidCheck

KidCheck is a user-friendly system for checking children in at events—an excellent option for ensuring kids' safety. They feel that every parent and organization that cares for children needs to have confidence in the protection of the children and that every child deserves to grow up in a safe environment. A safe atmosphere for the kids, confidence for the parents, robust security measures, free training, and assistance are all included in the attendance monitoring system.

4. CheckInLink

CheckInLink is a digital check-in system that was initiated by Church MemberLink. It can be used on any desktop computer or with the Church MemberLink mobile app, and it supports an unlimited number of names. It also links to MemberLink Plus (Church MemberLink’s membership module), which makes it easier to track attendance and create reports.

Its partnership with Christian Background Checks will make your church even more secure. Prices vary based on the requirements and preferences of your Church.

Children’s ministry security is the easiest it's ever been. Numerous digital check-in solutions that are well-supported make it more affordable. Check out our website for 10 popular check-in solution options. Click To Tweet

5. Realm

An impressive multi-featured platform, Realm is designed specifically for churches. It contains a kiosk-based check-in system that prints badges for each child in addition to managing accounting, creating community, and fostering ministry growth. It works well for maintaining student safety and accountability.

6. Rock RMS

Rock RMS offers a cost-effective option for providing your church with a check-in system. It is a full-featured church management system that was created in 2014. It was created as an open-source ChMS that any church, regardless of size or location, may use.

Although Rock RMS is free to use, they do request an annual gift of $1.50 for each typical weekly participant to help cover development and maintenance costs.

7. Kidmin App

When checking in, the Kidmin App provides a special feature. Along with “Desk Check-In” and “Kiosk Mode,” they also provide parents the option to check their children in using their own smartphones with the “Express Check-In” feature. As a result, there are no lines at the check-in desk.

Smart check-in solutions for church children’s ministry areas will ensure that you safeguard your church and its people.

8. Servant Keeper

One advantage of Servant Keeper is that families can decide whether to check themselves in or have a ministry leader do it for them. Additionally, you can email or print tickets for families.

In the event of crises, room adjustments, or other situations, churches can also email families updates. Additionally, it offers visual confirmations, giving staff members and volunteers an additional measure of security during check-in and check-out times.

9. FellowshipOne 

FellowshipOne is an additional solution. It offers a quick and organized check-in and check-out process with random codes that make families feel more protected.

Any activity or event may run more smoothly with the help of this central database and check-in system.

10. Lamblist

Lamblist is a choice that has been available for some time. This extremely cost-effective choice enables an infinite number of check-in locations, users, families, and kids. Additionally, it offers historical and current data that you can examine whenever you want. It also provides options for SMS messaging with parents.

Super software: Children’s Check-In Church Management Software Roundup


Everyone is concerned about children's safety, whether they are the church, the parent, or the child. Any of these solutions will do the trick; your leaders and techies merely need to decide which will integrate the best into your system.

What may be a parent's largest deterrent to attending church services is removed by offering a warm, secure setting. They are better equipped to enter the worship service prepared for what God has in store for them when they can leave the children's ministry drop-off with assurance and security.

Keep your children’s ministry organized with 9 Planning Center Lists Every Kids Ministry Leader Needs.

Which check-in software do you use? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Comment below.

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