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5 Planning Center Clean-Up Tips

Are you the type who sees a mess and ignores it, or one who can’t do anything else until the mess is clean? Even if you tend to face the mess head-on, sometimes the hardest part can be knowing where to start. Like any system, to keep Planning Center working most efficiently, you will want to clean up your data at regular intervals.

Top 5 Integrations with Planning Center

These Planning Center integrations will help you automate processes and minimize administrative burden. And they do so in a user-friendly manner, making it more likely that the people currently in your congregation and future visitors will become engaged and stay involved. 

9 Planning Center Lists Every Kids Ministry Leader Needs

As a Kids Ministry Leader, it can feel like there are endless groups of people with whom you are responsible for communicating. Within Planning Center People, Lists are an excellent and often under-utilized resource for helping you stay organized. Here are 9 to check out today.

7 Guidelines for a Healthy Worship Team

As a worship leader, your first priority is to lead your team. If I’ve learned anything about leading teams over the past 23 years in ministry, it’s that the culture of the team determines the effectiveness of the team. Create a culture of camaraderie and connectedness, and your team will be much more effective.

Planning Center Church Management Software [Review]

Fairly soon in the life of any congregation, it becomes obvious that spreadsheets aren’t sufficient for keeping track of who completed the new member class, whether anyone followed up with last week’s visitors, or who’s signed up to serve this week. That’s where a church management system (ChMS) comes into play. There’s a wide variety of systems to choose from; each with its own specialties and functions. In this review of Planning Center, my goal is to introduce you to it’s features and offer a few suggestions as you decide whether this could be the best ChMS fit for your church.

Worship Leading From a Tablet

We know as ministry leaders that you often don't get the chance to visit other churches on Sunday mornings. One of the perks I have is that I don't work for a church and can take time each month to visit churches in my area. Recently, our family visited a new church plant that meets at my daughter's middle school. I immediately noticed the lack of clutter on the stage area. I also noticed that there worship leaders were leading from iPads with no sheet music.