Steve Pruitt

For over 28 years Steve has worked with churches and ministries of all sizes to help equip and transform their ministry through technology. He has a passion for helping churches drive change in an ever changing world and to help them spread the gospel to their community and around the world. Steve has served as a deacon in his local church for over 20 years serving in missions, outreach and in prisons. Today, he serves as the General Manager of Shelby Systems and is responsible for leading the Shelby Systems business for Ministry Brands.

Spring Clean Your Church Finances

With spring upon us, most have long-since forgotten our New Year’s resolutions. The start of spring—or tax season—somehow motivates us to tend to the housekeeping projects we’ve neglected. Sure, this can take the shape of some church office and building improvements.

7-Step Plan for Easter Guest Follow-Up

Easter celebrates the very foundation of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Look past the bunnies and chocolates. The pews at your church might suddenly be packed with unfamiliar faces compelled to connect—or reconnect—with the story of this miraculous act that exemplifies God’s love for mankind.

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