Paxson Jeancake

Paxson Jeancake is director of worship at Covenant Church in Palm Bay, Florida. He is also an author, songwriter, and founder of Rhythm of Worship - a ministry that seeks to serve the church and cultivate the creative process. The Rhythm of Worship Store has a growing collection of MultiTracks available for purchase, including modern arrangements of hymns and original worship songs.

How To Expertly Produce Music For Worship In Your Home Studio

Worship leaders and songwriters find themselves in an exciting time, with plenty of ways to produce music for worship experiences. The current availability of affordable, digital audio workstations and the reach of social media has created the perfect context in which to write and share your own musical projects. 

3 Meaningful Ways To Use The Lectionary To Create Powerful Worship Experiences

Church leaders have a daunting task of planning creative, God-honoring worship services for 52 Sundays every year. Worship planners are called to steward the gospel, the story of redemption, through the various elements of worship that we choose each week. The Lectionary provides an intentional structure from which to craft meaningful Scripture-based calls to worship, prayers, and affirmations of faith.

Hybrid Worship During Covid-19 and Beyond

I have been leading worship in a full-time capacity for twenty-two years. Still, nothing could have prepared me for a global pandemic, hybrid worship, and a situation that began in our church on Sunday, March 15, 2020. On that Sunday, our worship team did most everything we would normally do on Sunday with one major difference… there was no congregation in our worship space!  Like most churches across the country, and around the world, we found ourselves in an unprecedented scenario. One no one could have foreseen and one for which no seminary education could have prepared us. Our church had to learn how to minister to our people solely through livestream technology on Sundays and Zoom meetings throughout the week. 

4 Benefits of Using MultiTracks in Worship Leading

The landscape of worship is ever-evolving as new technologies play an innovative role in the modern church. One such technology is the use of music software and MultiTracks in worship. Many worship ministries today are using the powerful combination of Ableton Live and MultiTracks to enhance the level of excellence in their worship.

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