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Live Streaming Your Church Services in HD: A Guide

Live streaming events is a great way to expand your church’s ministry. There can be lots of decisions to make once you have decided to start live streaming. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is what type of quality you want to offer and what type of quality your equipment can produce. You want the live stream to be as clear as possible but you also need to know what your equipment's limitations are and who your audience is.

4-Point Checklist for Live Streaming Church Events

Live streaming events is a great way to expand your church's ministry. There are lots of steps and a few different ways to approach this ministry of your church. If you've been charged with your church's vision to begin, once you get started, there is often concern or even panic that can set it. You want to make sure you give a great first impression but are a little overwhelmed by the different obstacles that live streaming presents.

Apple TV: An Exciting Way to Reach Your Congregation

With the release of the new Apple TV device, Apple has opened up it's app store to developers. What does this mean for churches? If means you have a new and very exciting way to reach your congregation with videos and live streaming. Past models have been used by churches as an affordable way to share videos or content inside the building. For only $149, the church could connect it to the projector and the internet and display a slideshow or a movie.

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