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Matthew is an Emmy®-nominated filmmaker and founder of Church Video Coach. He has produced work for NFL, Discovery Channel, Fox, GNC, Velocity Network, Freethink Media, Martin Guitar and more. His passion is to tell compelling stories with a cinematic approach. Having served as an Associate Pastor and Worship Leader for nearly 10 years, he also desires to see churches use video to effectively communicate the Gospel in new and creative ways. His work as a blog writer, podcast guest and public speaker has been seen at [twelve:thirty] media,,,,,, and the National Worship Leaders Conference. He lives near Pittsburgh, PA and in his spare time loves writing scripts, doing projects around the house and hanging with his wife and four kids.

The Benefits of Color Correcting Video

An often-misunderstood aspect of video production, color correction, should always be part of your post production process. I want to demystify the process and help you plan your shoot to make color correction work for you. Before diving in let's define some terms: Color correction and color grading are somewhat interchangeable terms. However, there are subtle differences.

Recording Separate Audio for Church Production

It is often said that half of great video is great audio. It is certainly true that bad audio can kill good video. But it's not always easy to get great audio into your camera every single time. While it can be tricky, the dividends will pay off when the audio is high quality and is synced perfectly to the video. Whether you're producing a delayed livestream, captured video church service for YouTube, or some other video church production, spending time on the quality of the audio is important.

In’s and Out’s of Camera Lenses for Church Production

When it comes to video production equipment, it seems the technology has a short shelf life and is constantly being updated. It can be daunting to decide what camera to purchase knowing that whatever you sink a large chunk of change into today could very well be an oversized paper weight tomorrow. I guess that could be a bit extreme, however, there is one piece of equipment that if you get right, can hold its value better than gold.

Why DSLR Cameras Fall Short for Church Service Video

I love DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras and have used many of them for many different projects. But, there are some major limitations because they were not ultimately designed to handle the wide applications of video production. Here are a few reasons I believe DSLR cameras are ill-suited for recording your church service.

Church Sound Techniques for Production and Post Production

As filmmakers and visual storytellers, we can get caught up in the imagery and forget a key component of great picture...great sound. So, how do we make sure we don't sabotage our projects with inferior sound? Here are few ways in production and post-production that we can ensure our sound techniques are pristine while supporting the story and the visuals.

Storytelling, Video and Your Church

Since before anyone can remember, human beings have been telling stories to each other. Stories have the ability to capture the imagination while passing on important information. Storytelling can entertain and educate, inform and inspire. Even Jesus used storytelling (or parables) extensively when teaching the multitudes. How else could one expect hungry crowds to sit on the hard ground for hours on end listening to a sermon? Most of us can barely last thirty minutes on a cushy chair. We owe much to Aristotle who formalized storytelling with the three act structure commonly used in theater. Storytelling has evolved from oral to written and now visual through the medium of film and video. "Story is the equipment of life." - Robert McKee, Story

Pulling the Best Out of People During a Video Interview

Whether you are creating a missions video, personal testimonial or any other interview based video project, being able to conduct great interviews is critical for creating a compelling story that keeps the viewer engaged. A compelling story and an engaged viewer increases the chance that the call to action will be heeded.

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