Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch is a staff writer and director of green technology at TechSoup in San Francisco. TechSoup is a high-tech nonprofit whose mission is to provide charities, churches and libraries worldwide with donated and discounted software, hardware, and the knowledge to use them. Jim has been interviewed extensively over the years by the Wall St. Journal, National Public Radio, PC World Magazine, and many other news outlets.

In-House IT vs. IT Assist [Infographic]

Many charities start up on a shoestring, get the most computer-savvy person in the office to do all the computer stuff, and pretty quickly outgrow that accidental techie model. What's the next step? It's called managed IT services.

Taming Your Software Licensing Monster

Sometimes I just wonder why software licensing is so complicated. There are multiple versions of the same software - professional versions, home versions, enterprise versions, versions from 2008, 2010, 2012 and on and on.
Any IT system is much much easier to maintain when all the computers and even other devices are running the same software. What is a church office manager to do?

Second-Hand Hardware – Great Option for Churches on a Budget

It's tempting to get the expensive IT equipment you need for our office, church, or school at half price, and used IT equipment is very tempting indeed. However, not all second-hand computers and tablets are the same. There's actually a very big difference between warrantied factory refurbished (also called reconditioned) devices and ones that are simply used products. I should explain.

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