Elsa Dooling

Elsa Dooling is a communications specialist. Her concentration is church and nonprofit communications, business management, event planning, and fundraising. She is also an experienced teacher, a personal development consultant, and a dedicated mother. She helps churches, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and families innovate and take their success to the next level.

The Virtual Church Office

Administrative and professional staffs play a vital role in the success of any business, especially in churches. Technology is changing business practices around the world and the emergence of a virtual workforce is creating new opportunities.

LiveSwap, Graphic Design Software for Every Church

Every church communicator, administrator, and pastor spends countless hours each week creating and designing communications materials, social media posts, and presentations. Churches want to create a professional look but may struggle with graphic design and might not have the budget to purchase expensive software or hire professional designers.

History of Audio Recording [Infographic]

Audio recording and sound systems for churches have become increasingly important and sophisticated in recent years. With the explosion of new audiovisual technology, churches now have the ability to record and broadcast their message, music, and services to the entire world via the internet. Interested people can tune in wherever they are and at any time to enjoy this content and join in worship. Today, the recording process is quick, easy, and convenient. Of course, it was not always so.

From Kodak to iPhoneography [Infographic]

Where once photos lived merely in albums or frames, digital cameras ushered in the era of portable photos that lived on devices that could travel with us. Photographers quickly made the jump from taking digital photos on cameras to taking photos on cell phones. Church communication directors now rely on photography to tell the stories of their churches. 

The Future of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Virtual reality technology is gaining a foothold in industries across the world, including the Church. Virtual tours of the Holy Land have been available since the technology first emerged and are now enjoying new upgrades with 360 technology. The Octagon Project and YouVersion also partnered in 2017 to bring VR technology to the YouVersion Bible App to help people connect with the Bible through virtual reality experiences. Life.Church is also working on a VR offering.

Top 9 Social Media Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

Churches, businesses, nonprofits, as well as individuals are all using social media to grow their online communities to share information, sell products, and spread the Gospel. Relying on social media has likely moved from a trend to a necessity.

5 Steps to Handle “The Blue-Screen of Death”

"The Blue Screen of Death" or BSOD with Microsoft Windows computers are also known as STOP errors. These well-known problems and notorious computer failures made the phrase "just reboot" famous because of its easy fixability.

10 Social Media Commandments for Church Communicators

Church communicators are always striving to share the word of God as well as their church’s news with their congregation, community, and beyond. Social media’s ability to make sharing this information easy and fun is growing rapidly. There are helpful rules and best practices to live by when using social media for the Church that can inspire followers, instill confidence and keep your accounts safe and in good standing.

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