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8 Best Features of Logos 9 Bible Software


Resource of the Week: Logos 9

Since its release in 2009, Logos Bible software has been the go-to choice for pastors and churches seeking an intuitive and comprehensive biblical research tool. And with the recent release of Logos 9, that tradition of excellence continues. 

Here are just a few of the new features you'll find in this latest version: 

  • A completely redesigned interface makes finding what you need easier than ever. 
  • Integrated tools for viewing original source materials, such as manuscripts and inscriptions. 
  • A wealth of additional resources, including commentaries, dictionaries, and theological texts. 
  • The ability to create your own personal library with articles, notes, and highlights from anywhere on the web.

We caught up with Logos power users to get their take on the 8 most popular developments in Logos 9. Read below to find out what they think and how they’re using these new features and upgrades. 

If you want to read about a specific feature, click the links below to skip ahead.

Top 8 Best Features in Logos 9

  1. The Factbook
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Sermon Manager
  4. Sermon Builder
  5. Preaching Mode
  6. Reading Plans
  7. Chart Your Search Results
  8. Counseling Guide

1. The Factbook

The Logos 9 Factbook allows you to search any topic or passage to find overviews or deep dive into “trusted resources.” For the first time ever, Factbook is available on desktop, web, and mobile. Plus, they’ve added 10x more content than before.

“The Factbook is a great way to start a Bible study, get started with sermon prep, etc. Factbook 2.0 is available for the desktop, web app, and mobile app.” Randy, Bible Buying Guide

“The greatest update to the new Logos version is the Factbook section of Logos. This is a GREAT way to get an in-depth study on nearly any topic, idea, theme, person, place, or subject of Scripture.” Jeremy, Redeeming God

2. Dark Mode

For the first time ever, Logos now has a dark mode, which allows you to switch between light and dark themes. 

“Dark mode is a total relief. I went all in on dark mode a year ago; I didn’t even realize until now that I had an unconscious annoyance with Logos every time I opened it because it blinded me. The first time I opened Logos 9 in dark mode, the word “beautiful” involuntarily came out of my mouth.” Joe, joelarnold.com 

3, 4, 5. Sermon Manager, Sermon Builder, and Preaching Mode


Sermon Manager allows you to plan out your sermons with a built-in calendar. You can organize your sermons around topics, time, events, and more. Best of all, your sermons are all in one place.

The Sermon Builder now comes with a Notebook Sidebar so you can take notes as you study. Then, you can open the notebook and insert your notes directly into your sermon docs. Additionally, Sermon Builder now includes a way to build sermon templates so that you can return to the same sermon style repeatedly.

With preaching mode, you can preach right from Logos with a clean layout view on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can customize your layout for personal readability and stay on track with the new sermon timer.

Check out this great overview from Brandon Hilger at Pro Preacher

6. Reading Plans


Making the time to study the Bible is difficult, but Logos 9 can help with a new way to organize your reading schedule. Choose a book, pick a timeframe, and the Logos App will build a reading plan to help you read the book in the allotted time. Plus, you can save books to read later!

Teacher and writer Gene Whitehead says the reading plans are one of the best features of Logos 9. 

“At the very least, I’m in Logos as part of my daily reading. There are many reading plans you could use, or you could even build your own. You can share your plan and read along with family or with your study group.

Depending on which devotionals you may have in your Logos library, you can also track along with a devotional reading as well.” Gene, genewhitehead.com

7. Chart Your Search Results


Logos 9 has a unique way to visualize your search results to reveal patterns. Perhaps you wanted to find out how many times the word “love” was spoken by Jesus. Run the search and then click a button to visualize the results.

Check out the overview on this feature from Darryl Burling of Mastering New Testament Greek.

8. Counseling Guide

When it comes to topics like grief, anxiety, marriage, etc., you want to be able to find trustworthy and biblical counseling resources. Logos helps you search by topic and find helpful summaries and counseling resources right in the app.

“As a pastor, I am often called upon to speak God’s Word into different situations, and at times this can be extremely challenging. One moment I can be dealing with someone suffering with anxiety, then the next moment I can be grieving with someone who has suffered a bereavement. The challenges of pastoral ministry mean I need to know how to address each individual situation, with the Logos 9 Counseling Guide this will make my work easier.

 By entering the different issue that is being faced, Logos 9 will compile different resources and Scripture references which will help me better minister to the people the Lord has called me to shepherd.

 I suspect this resource on Logos 9 will become a well-used resource.” Josh Williamson, Pastor

Overall, users are happy 

“Most new users will find it easy enough to navigate Logos 9 right from the start. I’m not super tech savvy, and the first time I upgraded and opened the software, I managed to get right down to business after just a few minutes of poking around.” Mary, ThoughtCo

“The new features added to Logos 9 make it easy to recommend for serious seminary students, laymen that want to dig into Scripture, and of course for preachers and pastors.” Randy, Bible Buying Guide

Get Started with Logos 9 Today

Compatible with more than 200,000 titles related to the Bible, Logos 9 offers a wide range of features to help pastors and communicators study the Bible. The connectedness of the software can empower your growth as a pastor, teacher, and student. 

Get your own version of Logos 9 today. 

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