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3 Things Your Church Website is Not Doing, But Should With Justin Trapp + Kenny Jahng


Kenny Jahng sits down with Justin Trapp, founder of FrontDoor.church to talk about one of the largest missed opportunities churches are making with their websites today.

Today, the website is the front door of the church, way before a visitor arrives at the church building for the first time. Church websites are not doing enough to engage and connect with website visitors and nurture them with conversations long after they leave the website.

In this episode, you will learn the three things your church website should be doing, but is not doing today in very practical ways.

You'll also learn how to increase website visitor engagement and connect with more people online. Justin and Kenny discuss 3 things your church websites should be doing, but is not doing today.


Engel Scale: https://outreachmagazine.com/features/evangelism/52152-3-shifts-to-increase-outreach.html/attachment/engel-scale

Front Door: www.FrontDoor.Church


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