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6 Ways Your Core Processes Can Be Improved With the Right ChMS


As a church leader, you don’t have the time to sit down and type information about your people into a spreadsheet and monitor your interactions with them. But church management software can mind that gap.

So what, exactly, is a ChMS – and how can it help you better shepherd those God has entrusted to you?

What ChMS Really Does

Technology is your secret weapon for ministry effectiveness. It can help you equip the saints by letting you record and act upon what you know about people. It can also ensure that your church is doing everything it can to make sure people feel valued because their absence is not going unnoticed. Finally, technology can help you enhance the type of community that leads to transformation by equipping your leaders and connecting your members in new ways.

The Benefits of a ChMS

The right technology can help measure ministry effectiveness, empower leaders, and improve all the ways you steward the people God has entrusted to you.

So when churches take the time to understand the systems and processes that define how they do church, the church is then able to maintain, manage, improve, and measure its effectiveness in core areas of ministry.

Below are six ways your core processes can be improved with the right ChMS:

1. Get information to a large body of people – FAST.

What would your church do if you had to get the word out quickly? Having a centralized communication system that can inform the masses, or specific individuals seamlessly can make a very big difference.

2. Gain a much better sense of the people in your church.

Understanding your attendance on a deeper level can help you understand exactly who is showing up, how often, and why.

3. Provide better check-in options to reduce stress for families with children.

No one understands the value of this more than parents, especially parents visiting a new church for the first time. Your children’s ministry is a huge factor in whether or not a visiting family is going to come back next week.

4. Empower your staff to fill volunteer opportunities based on giftedness and interest.

You can leverage the information you have to fill roles with available people who best fit the need. Serving others is a core part of an authentic church community and true discipleship and as leaders, you have the unique opportunity to encourage, influence, and empower those who step into a serving role.  

5. Identify and eliminate ministry silos.

With new processes and systems that unify information and produce better results, you gain clarity, insight, wisdom, value, community, and ultimately retention.

6. Leverage technology to increase generosity and engagement.

Identify first-time givers or lapsed givers to uncover ministry opportunities and show people that they are important to you. Often gifts given by first-time givers isn’t even tracked, let alone acknowledged in a way that lets the giver know the church leadership recognizes what this means for their spiritual development.

With the right ChMS that fits into your church ethos, your church can benefit from improved retention and more engaged people.

Church Community Builder Team
Church Community Builder Teamhttps://resources.churchcommunitybuilder.com/
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