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5 Ways to Engage Your Church Through Media This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is the third most attended church day in the U.S., just behind Christmas and Easter. Naturally, moms want to spend the morning going to church with their kids and this is the church’s chance to show moms how much they love them. One of the best ways to do that is to create a visually-appealing Mother’s Day service with professional graphics and videos.

Visuals and media are an important way to reach people for Christ and Mother’s Day is an opportune time to do this. To have the most impact, you should have your media buttoned up and everything branded cohesively for the big event.

If your church is struggling to get creative this Mother’s Day, here are five ways you can use media to engage your church this Mother’s Day.

Create a Video to Highlight Moms

YouTube is the second biggest social media channel (just behind Facebook) and it’s no surprise that video content has been king over the last few years. People love videos and they’re a great way to open a church service or sermon. You could interview staff members and ask them questions about their moms or create a fully animated video. Either way, mom will love a quick tribute to her and the other moms in attendance.

Use Professional Social Media Graphics

We live in a visual world and professional media graphics are a key way we reach people on social media and YouTube. Professional graphics let church members know that you care about your image and want to create a cohesively-branded service. Posting professional graphics on social media is also an opportunity to reach new people for Christ. If you want to promote your service, host a giveaway through social media and collect entries with a branded hashtag for your Mother’s Day event.

Have a Photo Booth

Moms always want pictures with their kids and a professional image or funny photo would delight her this Mother’s Day. Announce the booth one to two weeks before Mother’s Day and keep it open an hour before the service and an hour after. Put it in the hallway so it’s not distracting if you have multiple services. Also, if you’re a larger church have two or three stations set up. Pinterest has loads of ideas if you need a creative spark.

Update Your Church Website

Your church website is the first thing your members and visitors will see before attending your service. It’s a great way to share your Mother’s Day brand and let visitors know exactly what to expect on the day. Include a list of activities you’ll be hosting like the photo booth, refreshments, or games after the service. You can also include a FAQ for first-time visitors that provides details about service times, the dress code, and your doctrine. Your website should match your graphics and video to create a cohesive look and feel.

Incorporate Interactive Kids Lessons

Mother’s love receiving a handmade craft from their kids on Mother’s Day. Keeping with the same graphic these as the rest of your service, create printable thank you cards in Sunday School. You could also add a blank space for kids to write in a personalized poem or saying. If you really want to take it to the next level, you could make it a little more high tech. Each child could record a video during Sunday School and you could text or email it to each mom after the service.

Mother’s Day is coming up fast but you still have time to create a professionally branded service that will wow moms and kids alike. Using professional graphics and Sunday School lessons will save you time and money, and they’ll give you the polished appearance moms will love.

Tim Cross
Tim Crosshttps://ministrybrands.com
Tim is the Church Media Director at Ministry Brands. He has over 10 years of experience in the church in design, communications, and creative arts, and is passionate about helping churches engage their communities and partnering with them to reach people for Christ. He's been very happily married to his best friend for over six years and they are expecting their first child in May 2019.


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