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4 New Worship Planning Software Options


For many years, the industry leader in worship planning software has been Planning Center. Now, several new church service scheduling options are available. Some of these new options have been developed by well-known church management software (ChMS) companies with the aim of rivaling current options on the market. 

Here are four new worship planning software options:

#1 – Church Community Builder’s Schedules and Plans Feature

This feature within CCB is officially called Schedules and Plans. ‘Schedules’ reside on the volunteer scheduling side of the CCB software; ‘plans’ reside on the worship planning side of the software. ‘Plans’ provides a simple and powerful tool to plan, organize, and structure a church service.

The main features of Plans are:

  1. Service Plans – Create and add your order of service to a schedule for multiple services.
  2. SongSelect by CCLI® integration – Download and share chord charts and lyrics directly in your Service Plan.
  3. Song Library – Manage and share song details, such as BPM, duration, and key.
  4. File Management and Song Sharing – Add and save attachments such as chord charts, files, mp3s, and links to specific songs and keys in your Song Library.

Additional Features Include: 

  • Song Library
  • Multiple Keys per Song
  • Song History
  • CCB to SongSelect Integration
  • Service Plan with Song Sharing Functionality
  • Mobile Access via Browser
  • Printable Plan
  • Dedicated Scheduling and Planning Pages
  • Plan Templates
  • Different Plans per Serving (Event) Time
  • Song Versions
  • Volunteers have access to chord charts, lyrics, links, and any other attachments
  • Leader/Scheduler Access via Lead@Church App
  • Lyrics Import and Editor
  • Chord Pro Chord Chart Builder
  • Multi-week plan view
  • Media Player
  • PDF Viewer App
  • Congregant Access via Congregant App
  • More Integrations

#2 – Faithlife Equip 

Faithlife Equip is the all-in-one solution where you can:

  • Manage and communicate with church volunteers through Teams and Saved Lists:
    • Saved lists update over time as you add new volunteers
    • Teams give volunteer leaders access to schedule meetings and events and communicate with volunteers.
  • Plan and run your service through Faithlife Proclaim’s order of service, slides, and even live stream integrations:
    • It’s one thing to have an order of service, it’s another to have the order of service built into your worship presentation.
  • Track attendance through child check-in (and small groups too).
  • Track the people who participate in ministry with check-in tools (including name tag printing and per-event attendance reporting). Delegate attendance taking to Sunday School teachers and see who was checked in and who checked them in (and out).

#3 – Fluro Creative 

Fluro is an easier, faster way to ensure your musicians, photographers and volunteers have the resources and information they need. 

Quickly see each volunteer’s availability, when they last served, when they are next rostered and any clashes with other commitments. See who has confirmed, declined, or hasn’t responded yet. View multiple events and services in a beautiful unified interface.

No more ‘Re: Re: Re: This Sunday’. Fluro brings all your communication into one place and learns the best method for inviting each team member. Send messages via email, SMS, or push notification.

Pulse puts rosters, run-sheets, songs, and lots more in the palm of your hand. It ensures that each team member has the information they need when they need it so everyone at your church is on the same page.

Suggestion engine that gets smarter every service. Fluro’s smart AI knows which of your team is best suited and most likely to respond for each position. It’s always eager to help you add new recruits to the mix.

Fluro also offers ChMS features, along with video-on-demand and photo management. 

#4 – Ministry Brands: Elexio, SimpleChurch, EasyTithe Plus, Church Office Online, Shelby, Fellowship One Go, plus

ChMS – Service Planning Features:

  • Create Schedules with customizable dates, times, teams, and positions, and assign individuals to positions based on their serving teams.
  • Send invitations to volunteers, who can respond without logging in.
  • Copy all or part of a previous schedule to create new assignments.
  • Easily communicate with teams or with everyone scheduled for a specific date
  • The status bar displays the schedule status for a long list of positions
  • Customize specific dates, times, positions, etc as needed.
  • Require a background check for specific positions.
  • Volunteers can see their own schedule and change a response.
  • Custom invitations, automatic reminders, and links, and Text (SMS) invitations.

Worship Planning – Service Planning Features:

  • Worship Flow Editor – Allows you to plan the fine details or just a general set list. 
  • People & Scheduling – Schedule individuals one at a time or as entire teams—based on availability and qualifications—with a single drag-and-drop action. Once scheduled, volunteers are notified via email, text, or even Facebook to respond.
  • Songs Organizer: Lets you build, search, filter, share, import, export, and report on your songs and their performance histories.
  • Include pertinent information (key, tempo, capo, lyrics…over 20 fields!)
  • Import songs directly from your CCLI SongSelect™ account
  • Attach files, making details accessible to team members
  • Add songs on-the-fly while building a worship flow
  • Import songs from a CSV file (including the date last performed)
  • Link to Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon
  • Easily transpose keys for MP3 and text chord charts
  • View song performance histories by specified date ranges and locations
  • File Storage: Your account is a secure, central location to store and organize files related to songs, services, and teams. Access to those files is managed by the team leader, ensuring only authorized volunteers can access files to prepare for service.
  • Mobile: The mobile web app provides account access via most tablets and smartphones. This streamlined version performs as well as many native apps and does not require an app download.
  • Virtual Music Sheet: OnSong is the gold standard in virtual sheet music apps. Use it to transpose, annotate, rehearse, and perform your music. It even works with AirTurn wireless foot pedals to flip your virtual pages. 
  • Presentation Options: It is easy to go from worship flow to slides with a couple of options at your disposal. 
  • Other Integrations – Here are a few of the systems that worship planning integrates. 
    • SongSelect
    • Church Community Builder
    • Faithlife Proclaim
    • OnSong App
    • LifeWay Worship
    • Spotify
    • YouTube
    • Amazon

So there you have four new solutions that just may rival the Planning Center market share. For churches already using one of these ChMS products, using the same software provider for your worship planning needs can alleviate one more subscription and trim the budget at the same time. 

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CTT Staff
CTT Staff
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