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3 Free Online Family Devotionals


The overuse of technology has the potential to decrease the amount of quality time that families spend together. In light of this, some might be skeptical of relying on the internet to lead family devotions. But when used carefully, the web provides a host of options for spiritual growth, including solid family devotionals that can be read online for free.

Below are three free devotionals from around the web that were written with your family in mind. Each online devotional includes links to several devotions you can sample. This way you can read over the material before deciding whether or not you want to use it for your family.

Enjoy these three FREE online family devotional resources:

1. Family-Style Devotions – A Six-Month Family-Focus on Jesus’ Amazing Life

Picture of Family-Style Devotions Book

This 147-day online resource was written by a father who wanted to create a devotional for his children that focused on the life of Christ. The devotional covers almost everything written about Jesus in the four Gospels. It includes an introduction with some helpful advice on how to lead family devotions. Each day includes an application and questions to provoke discussion with children. You can read each day’s devotion on the website, or sign up to receive devotions by email.

2. Family Devotions from ThreeThirty Ministries

Picture of family's hands under a home

ThreeThirty Ministries put together these free family devotions to be fun, action-packed, and easy-to-lead. Designed to use items commonly found in most homes, each devotion requires no advanced planning. You can use these devotions to set aside a time for you and your kids to have fun together, all while learning valuable lessons from God’s Word.

3. Through the Bible – Devotional for Kids

Picture of the Through the Bible devotional

This online resource from Truth for Kids has a devotion for every day of the month. Each devotion includes a short lesson on a Bible passage and ends with a Bible verse for the day. A Journal Page can be downloaded and used with every lesson. With helpful prompts for lesson application and prayer, the Journal Page is a perfect followup to each devotion.

Leading Your Family Devotions

Although technology has paved the way for helpful devotional resources that can and should be enjoyed, consider occasionally taking a break from technology. Look for tech-free activities to preserve your time together as a family. If you prefer, the devotionals in this article can be printed out and discussed without the distraction of your gadgets and devices.

As you commit to your family’s spiritual growth and health, these free devotionals will serve as helpful guides. But that is all they can do. The responsibility of leading family devotions (and your family) is something that only you, as a parent, can do.

Devotional Resources

Leading family devotions can seem like a daunting task for some parents. Below are some resources to encourage you and give you some guidance as you strive to structure your devotional time well.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned from leading your own family devotions?

Ryan Haught
Ryan Haughthttps://www.ministryvoice.com/
Ryan is the Co-Founder of Ministry Voice and enjoys sharing resources and tools to help churches and Christian nonprofits have a greater outreach.


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