Today, we’re sharing with you seven great church technology podcasts from around the web to take note of. Podcasts are a great way to get new ideas while you’re: 1) running 2) driving 3) doing mundane computer work 4) gardening . . . . it’s so easy to subscribe via iTunes and have the latest podcasts automatically downloaded and ready to listen to.

Because we love teamwork, ChurchTechToday loves to highlight other folks around the web who are doing awesome work for the Kingdom by helping church leaders better use and understand the role of technology in the Church.

Here are seven great church tech podcasts to listen to (in no particular order):

1) Social Media Church

Get the insider stories and real-life practical examples of how churches are actually using social media to effectively extend their ministry impact around the world! And you’ll lots of new ideas too. Hosted by Nils Smith of

2) Church Tech Profiles

Church Tech Profiles is hosted by Van Metschke, and it can be found at (as well as

3) Church IT Podcast

Jason Powell discusses technology tips, tools, news and best practices as they relate to church organizations. Check them out at [Editor’s Note: Looks like the most recent podcast was in 2015.]

4) ChurchTechTalk

A resource stop and creative kick in the pants to the local Church, and along with free stuff. [Editor’s Note: Looks like most recent podcast was in 2015.]

5) Tech, No Babel

Church Technology Ministry Made Understandable by Paul Alan CliffordThe idea behind the name is that technology can, because of the abilities it affords us, become an idol. We shouldn’t let our technology let us think we’re as great as God, so it’s all about tech, but not about worshipping it in the “tower of babel” since.

6) Church Tech Weekly

The weekly show discussing all manner of church technology; sound, lighting, video and projection. Hosted by Mike Sessler of

7) TheoTek Podcast

Hosted by Kevin Purcell, the Theotek Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on church and Bible technology. We discuss things like worship software and tools, Bible programs and apps, tips for using tablets or apps in ministry and more.

And for an added bonus, here’s an eighth podcast to check out:

8) Church Solutions

Church Solutions features Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy providing solutions to your church ministry and tech issues. Phil and Steve share their combined experience of over 50 years in ministry.

What podcasts would you add to the list? Which ones have you listened to and felt were helpful in your ministry?